Our workplace teams have extensive expertise and experience. Red Thread’s value and core strength is our ability to become a strategic partner through our deep understanding of workplace trends, thorough product knowledge, and extensive internal resources − all of which enables us to deliver a holistic, integrated solution that drives results. Our workplace teams include:


Our integrated interiors team is led by:

Don Marshall | President, President EMA | qznefunyy%25erq-guernq%[email protected]

Creating integrated interiors means taking a holistic approach to the workplace environment by creating beautiful, functional, flexible and environmentally responsible spaces that streamline the process and make it cost effective. Our workplace teams have individual expertise in furniture, architectural systems, audiovisual technology, lighting, electrical, acoustics and flooring, but our greatest value lies in the seamless integration.


Our furniture team is led by:

Larry Levine | President, CT/NNE/WMA | yyrivar%25erq-guernq%[email protected]
Don Marshall | President, President EMA | qznefunyy%25erq-guernq%[email protected]

Through workplace planning and change management, we help you to create high performance worksettings that engage and inspire. Our furniture team offers innovative solutions that support all of the ways in which people work to achieve your organizational objectives.


Our audiovisual team is led by:

John Mitton | Vice President of Audiovisual Technology | wzvggba%25erq-guernq%[email protected]

Technology is a significant driver for change, critical to igniting innovation and competing in a global economy. Our Red Thread audiovisual team understands how technology can foster communication, support mobility, enhance collaboration and drive better business results. Our holistic approach creates a unified ecosystem that incorporates the latest audiovisual technology with acoustics, lighting and speech privacy. Whether you need a HD telepresence boardroom, surround sound theatre, enterprise wide streaming or master control of your technology and building systems, we have can help.

Our architectural systems team is led by:

Larry Velie | Vice President, Architectural Systems & Engineered Interiors | yiryvr%25erq-guernq%[email protected]

Thoughtful space design with flexible building infrastructure streamlines the process, lowers costs, and creates adaptable workspaces to support change. Our architectural systems are intelligent, sustainable, and technologically advanced and provide auditory and visual privacy for focused and collaborative work.


Our flooring team is led by:

Mark Graham | General Manager | ztenunz%25erq-guernq%[email protected]

Regardless of your floor covering needs, we’ve got you covered. From the comfort of carpet to the durability of stone, the Red Thread flooring team offers a wide variety of options to meet your budget and design aesthetic.


Our technology team is led by:

Tom Perrone | General Manager | gcreebar%25erq-guernq%[email protected]

Maximizing Your Building System’s Performance – Red Thread provides a comprehensive set of technology services that support your facilities management strategy, whether you are relocating to a new building or managing day-to-day changes within your current space. Our holistic approach reduces complexity and ensures seamless planning and implementation.


Our custom solutions team is led by:

Joe LeBlanc | General Manager | wyroynap%25erq-guernq%[email protected]

When an off-the-shelf solution doesn’t meet your needs in fit, finish or price, a custom solution may be the answer. We offer a breadth of capabilities, from complex and sophisticated designs to value-focused functional solutions. As a single source provider of custom solutions, Red Thread supports you from concept to execution.

Our strategic alliances team is led by:

Lourdes Collins | Senior Vice President | ypbyyvaf%25erq-guernq%[email protected]

Red Thread’s Strategic Alliances Team is a group of professionals, located throughout the New England region, with extensive experience working and partnering with architects and designers, real estate and project management professionals and construction firms. Together,we provide a dedicated approach to serving the needs for our partnerships within our business community. We share knowledge and insights by leveraging thought leadership from Steelcase, other select manufacturers and industry experts to empower our partners to deliver exceptional value to their customers to gain new business opportunities.


Our education team is led by:

Casey Kalman | Senior Vice President | pxnyzna%25erq-guernq%[email protected]
Joe Gaffney | Senior Vice President | wtnssarl%25erq-guernq%[email protected]
Jim Baker | Senior Vice President | wonxre%25erq-guernq%[email protected]
Ray Wasson | Senior Vice President | ejnffba%25erq-guernq%[email protected]
Mary Sauvageau | K-12 Market Manager |
zfnhintrnh%25erq-guernq%[email protected]

Red Thread is focused on helping schools, colleges and universities create the most effective, rewarding and inspiring learning environments to meet the evolving needs of students and educators. Through Steelcase’s insight-led research and innovation in furniture, tools and technologies for learning spaces, we have a passion for understanding how learning best takes place and how smarter, active learning spaces can make a difference.


Our healthcare team is led by:

Susan Hughes | Vice President | fuhturf%25erq-guernq%[email protected]

Healthcare is evolving at a rapid pace, changing on almost every imaginable front, as patients and caregivers seek improved experiences, outcomes and value. Engaging patients in healthcare has become a new clinical paradigm. We at Red Thread support your commitment to patient-centered care by designing for the human factor and optimizing healthcare experiences to connect people, place and technology.