“An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.”   ~Ancient Chinese Proverb

The legend of the ‘red thread’ runs through the core of all we do. It expresses the connection we see between our culture, values and business mission. It also helps us articulate our aspiration to help our customers identify their own common threads — the way their brand, culture, and promise can be effectively expressed through their environments’ furniture, technology, architectural systems and audiovisual solutions.




To deliver innovative environments that inspire people and organizations to excel wherever they work.


By creating innovative and tailored solutions, we partner with our customers to create exceptional workspaces.

We demonstrate our value through our comprehensive understanding of workplace trends, through a focus on seamlessly integrating architecture, furniture, and technology, as well as by providing comprehensive services with agility and responsiveness.


Innovation.  We embrace curiosity, resourcefulness, creativity and staying current with business trends in order to develop meaningful solutions.

Customer Focus.  We provide an exemplary customer experience through exceptional service delivered with agility.

Teamwork. We engage, connect and collaborate to ensure success.

Results.  We think strategically, set high performance standards, continuously improve and take full responsibility for performance.

Integrity.  We demonstrate honesty, fairness and respect in every aspect of our business.


Our people are knowledgeable, innovative, responsive and creative. They are problem solvers driven by design, deadlines, budgets and the desire to reach your goals. Your people are facing the impact of globalization, new technologies and multiple generations at work. We are focused on providing solutions that support your people and their ability to manage these changes to meet your business objectives.

Workplace planning can be complex, but our team of experts collaborates with you and your partners to support you every step of the way, on projects small and large. Our EXPLORE | PLAN | PROVIDE | MANAGE framework delivers personalized solutions with consistent and measurable results.


Creating high performing spaces begins with an innovative portfolio of products inspired by extensive research. We are a Steelcase Platinum Partner, but we offer a variety of solutions from other leading manufacturers as well. These solutions include furniture, architectural systems, and audiovisual technology required to support your employees.

Steelcase studies how people work, whenever , wherever and however it happens. Whether you need to focus, collaborate, learn or socialize, we create the right kind of spaces for your organization and unlock the potential of your people. We are local, regional, or global, because your business can be anywhere, we must be everywhere.



Red Thread represents the merger of three companies in 2010 and 2011. These companies, Office Environments of New England, LLC, Business Interiors and BKM Total Office have a history, as independent businesses, dating back more than 80 years.

In order to serve customers in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont under a unified brand name, the legal entity became Red Thread in 2012, reflecting our mission to connect people to workspaces that work. Combined with the fact that we are a wholly owned subsidiary of Steelcase, Inc., Red Thread truly has the experience, capabilities, stability and resources to be a valuable strategic partner.

Red Thread timeline