Virtual goggles

Virtual goggles let you tour your new space before it’s even done!

Our Red Thread design group is experimenting with exciting new ways to engage people using interactive experiences such as virtual goggles that…

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Psychology of Office Space

Unmotivated employees are more likely to put in less effort, take more sick days, and even quit – all of…

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Privacy solutions office

Solve 3 workplace problems in one shot.

Everyone loves a bargain. Well, what if you could solve three key workplace issues in one elegant solution? You’d probably…

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Robots in the workspace?

In May I had the privilege of visiting the MIT Media Lab with Hasier Larrea. Hasier is a freshly minted graduate…

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innovative spaces

Workplaces designed for innovation.

Today, we would be hard pressed to find an organization that doesn’t believe innovation is an important part of their…

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Desk Lunch

No More Sad Lunches: Value of the Work Café

How sad is your lunch? Well believe it or not, the sad desk lunch goes beyond the food itself. Where…

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