steelcase education active learning center grant 2017

2017 Active Learning Center grant recipients | University of Massachusetts Boston + Mount Desert Island High School

Active Learning is an approach to instruction where students engage with the material they’re studying–through writing, talking, listening and reflecting–in…

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Steelcase Regard Lounge

Finding the perfect privacy space at the office.

Recently, our Boston group moved to a new space – our Boston WorkLife Center. It was a pretty big transition,…

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Red Thread Steelcase Boston

Red Thread Boston moves to 101 Seaport: The story of our journey.

As of January 2016, our Boston based employees found themselves in fantastic new workspace at 101 Seaport Boulevard – with…

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101 Seaport Boston

Red Thread Boston moves to 101 Seaport!

Take a sneak peek! As of December 28th, our new address is 101 Seaport Blvd, Suite 600! It’s an exciting and…

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What are POP spaces?

I recently learned about POP spaces. What are they? Privately Owned Public Spaces, hence the acronym POPS. These can be…

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Support the Movember Foundation!

It’s Brovember! Say what? Brody + Movember = Brovember! Throughout the month of November, Steelcase will donate $1 to the…

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Congratulations Cambridge Y2Y!

It takes a village… or an amazing community in this case. And great timing. Last Friday, Red Thread was proud…

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Team Red Thread runs the Ragnar Relay!

Want to test your limits as an integrated team? Then definitely sign up for a Ragnar Relay! For the second…

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VIA Walls

V.I.A. demountable walls – under the hood

Recently, Red Thread completed construction of three V.I.A. rooms in our Boston space. During the construction we used the opportunity to train some of our local installers…

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Red Thread Design

Red Thread Designers enter CET competition!

What is CET you might ask?  CET Designer is a software solution by Configura that our Red Thread design team uses…

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VIA Demountable Walls

V.I.A. hits Beantown!

Announcing the arrival of Steelcase V.I.A. wall at Red Thread Boston! What, you may ask, is V.I.A.?  V.I.A. [Vertical. Intelligent. Architecture.] is…

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