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5 Tips for Integrating Audiovisual Technology into Space Design

Audiovisual technology in the workplace is like peanut butter and jelly… it just goes together. More than ever, it’s frustrating and…

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Designing Networking Events for Introverts in Portland, ME

As an introvert, I liken professional networking events with going to the gym. They are something I tell myself I…

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Ten considerations when choosing a sit-stand desk

It’s common knowledge that sitting is “the new smoking” with many of us averaging over 9 hours a day sitting…

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choosing a task chair

Top tips for selecting the best task chair.

There’s no doubt that the workplace is changing. Today, not everyone has a dedicated “resident” workstation. And if you do, your desk…

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office protocol

Top 10 office protocols for the open plan.

The open plan office needs a few guidelines to keep everyone – introverts and extroverts alike – happy. If you’re…

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email overload

Conquering email overload at work

It’s the end of a three day holiday weekend and as you sit down at your desk you experience that familiar overwhelming…

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office planning ideas

Top 8 considerations when planning strategic workplaces.

So, deep down you know that it’s time for a new workplace. Your employee count has doubled over the past…

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Project Management

Our PM’s Top 10 Tips for success.

As the Manager for our Boston based Project Management team, I have seen it all when it comes to managing…

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