open plan office design

Transforming your open plan office design by a SKIP, JUMP or LEAP

The world is changing, rapidly. By 2025 it is projected that Millennials will occupy 70% of the workplace and as…

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Blog_Header_AV Adaptors 2B

5 Tips for Integrating Audiovisual Technology into Space Design

Audiovisual technology in the workplace is like peanut butter and jelly… it just goes together. More than ever, it’s frustrating and…

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Leadership workspaces

Can a leadership team’s space help to influence corporate culture?

The answer is simple, yes. Absolutely and positively. Because what does leadership ultimately do? They inspire employees; modelling behavior and driving a…

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Blog_Header_work style

What is your productivity work style?

And does your workplace provide spaces that enhance and support how YOU work? There has been a lot of discussion in the…

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Steelcase space Neocon 2016

5 Workplace Trends from Steelcase @ Neocon 2016

At this year’s show, not only did Steelcase introduce smart new products that creatively respond to current workplace trends but also introduced…

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Steelcase Regard Lounge

Finding the perfect privacy space at the office.

Recently, our Boston group moved to a new space – our Boston WorkLife Center. It was a pretty big transition,…

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Red Thread Steelcase Boston

Red Thread Boston moves to 101 Seaport: The story of our journey.

As of January 2016, our Boston based employees found themselves in fantastic new workspace at 101 Seaport Boulevard – with…

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Owen Milne

Red Thread’s Owen Milne talks about non-profits and the workplace.

Owen Milne, based in our Red Thread Burlington, Vermont office speaks with CommonGood Vermont about his experience working with non-profits…

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Ten considerations when choosing a sit-stand desk

It’s common knowledge that sitting is “the new smoking” with many of us averaging over 9 hours a day sitting…

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Global workplace report

Steelcase Engagement & the Global Workplace Report

Steelcase recently released a global report entitled, “Engagement & the Global Workplace“, the first study to explore the relationship between engagement…

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Integrated workplace

Town & Country; A fun workplace poised for growth.

Town & Country Federal Credit Union “breaks the mold” by redefining workplace culture in a financial institution. Innovation is not…

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Office space planning

Space planning ideas for wellbeing at work.

Today wellbeing encompasses much more than just physical wellness and includes the cognitive and the emotional aspects of being “well”. Employees…

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