Getting ready for an office move is a huge effort for all involved. Using this office move checklist will help create actionable steps to ensure a successful transition and set a strong foundation for positive change.

Our move management team has compiled the following checklist of best practices to consider as you prepare for a successful workplace move:

Download our Office Move Project Plan!


1. Planning Phase:
 Develop your key move team members
•  Schedule a site review with your move partner to develop a move plan
•  Meet with end users in each department to determine what will be archived, donated, recycled, shredded or moved
•  Plan out several clean days well in advance
•  Create a move timeline, project schedule and initial budget
•  Create color-coded and numbered floor plans to document the move process


2. Pre-Move Phase:
•  Lead small groups or teams to tour the new space and build excitement
•  Communicate the schedule/plan to all who are affected by the move
•  Appoint a move concierge to answer any questions before, during and after the move
•  Have weekly move meetings with key move team members and share project notes as issues arise
•  Provide packing centers with extra boxes, tape and markers
•  Provide protocols for packing, for example; don’t overload boxes (keep them less than 30 lbs), label your boxes with the your name, team, floor # and workspace #, and color code boxes by department
•  Re-iterate company policies for discarding or digitizing documents
•  Develop a move-in booklet for each employee that shares a floorplan, design intent and protocols for the new space


3. Move Day
•  Have a move concierge at the new space to answer questions
•  Have directional signage posted to help guide employees
•  Have a welcome breakfast and “thank you for your patience” gift waiting for employees at their new desks
•  Set up a “help desk” for any small changes that need to take place.
•  Have training available for any new technology


4. Post Move
•  Host a celebration of your successful move!
•  Make training content and tools available to employees on the company intranet
•  Consider administering a post-move survey to employees to asses the new space

Enlisting the help of an experienced move management partner can be a key strategic asset when considering a workplace move, but with these best practices under your belt you can set the foundation for a successful transition!
Download the Office Move Project Plan

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