How Biophilic Design impacts wellbeing at work.


According to our friends at Wikipedia biophilia literally means “love of life or living systems.” So biophilic design centers around establishing naturally based habitats for humans to live and work. Designers and Architects who practice biophilic design create spaces in which humans can achieve maximum wellbeing and productivity by incorporating elements derived from nature. First used by Erich Fromm, the noted German social psychologist,… Read More

Makerspaces: A new education trend


Makerspaces are popping up all over the country, especially in high school and collegiate settings, and are geared towards an active and collaborative way of thinking and approaching challenges. According to Andrew Kim, a Steelcase education researcher, “…we have found that, at the same time that technology is reshaping education, the importance of face-to-face learning is also growing,… Read More

5 Unique Workplace Phone Booths


What’s old is new again! Yes, the phone booth has made a comeback but this time it’s to a workplace near you! With the prevalence of the open plan, architects and designers are building in unique workplace phone booths, providing spaces for private conversations (and respite for those trying to focus). Creative ideas abound and go to show that… Read More

Power up with Steelcase’s Thread!


Computers and tablets and phones oh my… People carry an average of three devices with them to get work done throughout the day and that technology demands power! And that demand is growing exponentially, not only in public spaces and the workplace but in the classroom where mobile active learning spaces are becoming the norm. Outlets on the… Read More

Workplace privacy – more than 4 walls & a door!


What do you think of when you think of workplace privacy? I’m guessing it’s either your headphones or 4 walls and a door? And on some level you’d be right as that’s how we’ve traditionally handled privacy in the workplace. But with the continued prevalence of the open plan office, new ways to mitigate privacy… Read More

Workplaces designed for innovation.


Today, we would be hard pressed to find an organization that doesn’t believe innovation is an important part of their strategic plan. Whether it’s a non-profit, higher education institution, municipality, healthcare center or corporation, finding new ways to solve problems and develop disruptive ideas is essential. While there is much conjecture as to why “innovation”… Read More

8 Shifts to consider as Millennials enter the workplace.


Much like any other environment, the workplace is always changing. Change is inevitable and it seems far more productive to embrace it rather than fight it. In today’s workplace, Millennials entering the work force have the power to influence a serious shift in the next decade and organizations are going to have to adapt. Millennials (Generation Y) are beginning to… Read More

Video Conferencing: 6 Design Considerations


Closing the distance gap for distributed teams is a tough proposition. But today, distance can’t be a barrier for any organization that wants to innovate and compete globally. In fact, 62% of workers are already saying they collaborate regularly with people in different geographies. So consider this. When you work remotely and call in for a conference… Read More

Taking the Lead: The Healthier Hospitals Initiative


Most of us using today’s healthcare system would be interested to know the initiatives that are taking place across the country to encourage healthcare organizations to shift to a more sustainable business model and address environmental impacts. Healthier Hospitals Initiatives (HHI) is a national campaign organized to lead change in the healthcare sector with a call… Read More

No More Sad Lunches: Value of the Work Café


How sad is your lunch? Well believe it or not, the sad desk lunch goes beyond the food itself. Where you take your lunch break has an impact on your emotional and physical well-being. According to Right Management, only about 1 in 5 office workers take an actual lunch break away from their desk. This… Read More