What are POP spaces?


I recently learned about POP spaces. What are they? Privately Owned Public Spaces, hence the acronym POPS. These can be plazas, arcades, gallerias, even rooftop terraces that are free to the public yet owned an operated by private developers. And mostly nobody knows about them. Usually the product of a deal between cities and private… Read More

Champlain College library supports student engagement.


Recently, our Vermont based Account Executive, Jackie DesLauriers, shared a small project that had a big impact. Her client, Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont wanted to create a flexible space in the library that would boost student engagement. They loved it so much – they created a video! Here’s a bit about the space! What… Read More

Support the Movember Foundation!


It’s Brovember! Say what? Brody + Movember = Brovember! Throughout the month of November, Steelcase will donate $1 to the Movember Foundation for every person who sits in our new Brody chair. It’s that simple! Oh yes, you’ll also need to take a selfie and send it to Tom Dilillo (gqvyvyyb%25fgrrypnfr%[email protected]) but that’s it. Sign… Read More

Congratulations Cambridge Y2Y!

youth 2 youth shelter

It takes a village… or an amazing community in this case. And great timing. Last Friday, Red Thread was proud to attend the opening celebration of Y2Y (Youth 2 Youth), the nation’s first student-run youth shelter located in the basement of the First Parish Church in Cambridge. The group’s mission is inspiring. “Y2Y Harvard Square… Read More

Solve 3 workplace problems in one shot.

Steelcase Brody Lounge

Everyone loves a bargain. Well, what if you could solve three key workplace issues in one elegant solution? You’d probably be intrigued! Well, the new Steelcase Brody WorkLounge fits the bill, a hardworking solution for any open plan environment that’s highly flexible, functional and space-saving. What if you could solve for; WELLBEING Providing high performance comfort and… Read More

Library design: Creating an ecosystem.

Library of the future

Like many spaces, the traditional library has undergone a dramatic shift, from a reading and storage site to a center of interactive learning. Today, libraries need to be multi-purpose, multi-dimensional, flexible, and technology focused spaces. In other words, they need to be places that can accommodate quiet seeking students and teams actively collaborating on digital projects. What’s the key to… Read More

Top tips for selecting the best task chair.

seating ergonomics

There’s no doubt that the workplace is changing. Today, not everyone has a dedicated “resident” workstation. And if you do, your desk might be height adjustable allowing you to stand for some of the day. Often millennials prefer to work in more lounge-like settings and new options such as the Brody Lounge, a hybrid lounge-desk alternative, are being… Read More

Is your workplace ready…


for tomorrow’s challenges?   Is your real estate strategically optimized?   Are you meeting the needs of all generations?   Is your technology helping or hurting?   Does your space express your brand?   Are your people engaged?   Does your space attract top talent?   Are you addressing today’s trends?   Do privacy and collaboration co-exist in your space?   Are you addressing… Read More

What is the ‘WELL Building Standard®’?

Well building Standard

Why WELL? We spend 90% of our time indoors – that’s a fact. The built environment that surrounds us has a critical impact on our health, wellbeing and productivity. It shapes our habits and can to drive us toward healthy and unhealthy choices influencing our health through the quality of our surroundings. Today, employees are demanding better choices… Read More

Top 10 office protocols for the open plan.

open plan office protocols

The open plan office needs a few guidelines to keep everyone – introverts and extroverts alike – happy. If you’re already in an open plan workspace or if you are about to be, there are office protocol that can really help keep the peace. These rules, along with some key design considerations such as creating… Read More