What are highly engaged employees saying about the workplace?


As a follow up to Gallup’s Worldwide Engagement Survey, the Steelcase research team conducted a small study with Ipsos to explore the correlation between highly engaged employees (11% according to their study) and workplace satisfaction, polling 10,500 workers in 14 countries throughout the world. The results showed that creating the right work environment can make a… Read More

Walls 101: Demountable, Movable or Traditional

Steelcase VIA

I know, you may think a wall is a wall is a wall. But when designing a new workspace the realization hits that the differences are significant and can have a major impact on the long-term bottom line. The main considerations include price, flexibility and acoustical privacy and it is essential to make an educated comparison…. Read More

Team Read Thread runs the Ragnar Relay!


Want to test your limits as an integrated team? Then definitely sign up for a Ragnar Relay! For the second year in a row 12 Red Thread runners have fielded a team to compete in the 2-day, 200ish mile relay race from Hull to Provincetown, MA. Yes, you read that right – the team runs… Read More

Technology group achieves ISO 14001 certification!


WHAT IS ISO 14001? ISO 14001 outines the criteria for an Environmental Management System and maps out an effective framework and procedures that a company can follow. It can be used by any organization that wants to improve resource efficiency, reduce waste, and drive down costs showing both internal and external stakeholders that environmental impact… Read More

Evidenced Based Design for healthcare


What is Evidence Based Design? Defined as the process of basing design/build decisions on credible research in an effort to achieve optimal outcomes, evidenced based design  for healthcare facilities is becoming increasingly popular. The goal is simple: To improve patient and staff wellbeing, patient healing, stress reduction and safety. Even as far back as the late 1800’s Florence Nightingale… Read More

How Biophilic Design impacts wellbeing at work.


According to our friends at Wikipedia biophilia literally means “love of life or living systems.” So biophilic design centers around establishing naturally based habitats for humans to live and work. Designers and Architects who practice biophilic design create spaces in which humans can achieve maximum wellbeing and productivity by incorporating elements derived from nature. First used by Erich Fromm, the noted German social psychologist,… Read More

Makerspaces: A new education trend


Makerspaces are popping up all over the country, especially in high school and collegiate settings, and are geared towards an active and collaborative way of thinking and approaching challenges. According to Andrew Kim, a Steelcase education researcher, “…we have found that, at the same time that technology is reshaping education, the importance of face-to-face learning is also growing,… Read More

5 Unique Workplace Phone Booths


What’s old is new again! Yes, the phone booth has made a comeback but this time it’s to a workplace near you! With the prevalence of the open plan, architects and designers are building in unique workplace phone booths, providing spaces for private conversations (and respite for those trying to focus). Creative ideas abound and go to show that… Read More

Power up with Steelcase’s Thread!


Computers and tablets and phones oh my… People carry an average of three devices with them to get work done throughout the day and that technology demands power! And that demand is growing exponentially, not only in public spaces and the workplace but in the classroom where mobile active learning spaces are becoming the norm. Outlets on the… Read More

Workplace privacy – more than 4 walls & a door!


What do you think of when you think of workplace privacy? I’m guessing it’s either your headphones or 4 walls and a door? And on some level you’d be right as that’s how we’ve traditionally handled privacy in the workplace. But with the continued prevalence of the open plan office, new ways to mitigate privacy… Read More