Our PM’s Top 10 Tips for success.


As the Manager for our Boston based Project Management team, I have seen it all when it comes to managing projects. However, from start-ups to installs for Fortune 500 companies, the principles are the same. I’ve compiled my Top 10 project management tips in the hopes that your project stays on the highway to success!… Read More

9 Inspiring Office Libraries


Continuing education and professional development is an important aspect of many professional fields. People in design, insurance, law, education, accounting and many others stay up-to-date on the latest trends and research by taking classes, participating in webinars and attending conferences. So more and more over the last several years, offices have been Including spaces for… Read More

Red Thread Designers enter CET competition!


What is CET you might ask?  CET Designer is a software solution by Configura that our Red Thread design team uses for our design and specification work. CET Designer is an intelligent, highly visual and intuitive space-planning software that simplifies specifying. Our designers produces layouts, quotes, renderings, installation drawings, movies and reconfigurations using this highly flexible application. Each year,… Read More

Pantone color trends spring 2015


This season, colors take their cue from nature. “En plein air”…that’s how Pantone color forecasters describe the color trends spring 2015. Taking a cue from nature, these colors are in the softer, cooler side of the spectrum and look downright earthy compared to seasons past. These nature-like neutrals provide a calming backdrop to the constant… Read More

V.I.A. hits Beantown!

_RedThread-Blog_Loop_VIA Boston

Announcing the arrival of Steelcase V.I.A. wall at Red Thread Boston! What, you may ask, is V.I.A.?  V.I.A. [Vertical. Intelligent. Architecture.] is Steelcase’s new wall system which has debuted at Neocon for the last few years and has been in the pre-sell mode for the past 12 months. At Red Thread, we believe that vertical real estate plays an increasingly… Read More

Cheers! We’re launching a Red Thread blog.


We’re looking forward to a great conversation! Whether it be an office space, healthcare setting, classroom or anything in between, we understand that the world is undergoing dramatic changes. Communication is driving how, when, why, where we work regardless of what industry we are in. How our workplaces adapt and respond to these changes is… Read More