Feb 2012

The Y Factor

New-Gen workers in the US, India & China are reshaping their workplaces & the world.

As residents of the world’s hottest centers of economic growth, young people in India and China are breaking new ground while surrounded by cultural traditions. Providing the best workplaces for these workers starts with understanding what their generation is all about.

They have some things in common with each other and their Gen Y counterparts in the U.S. Most notably, they’re all participants in a convergence of technology that has flattened the globe, created new supply chains and shifted distributions of wealth. At the same time, because of unique histories, traditions and memories, the newest generation of workers in India and China remains distinctly themselves with their own sets of aspirations, expectations, and needs.

To better understand the newest generation of workers in these two important countries, Steelcase completed primary research projects in India and China in 2010, building on methodologies and insights from a previous study of Gen Y workers in North America. That study, completed in 2009, documented a significant influence on both work and the workplace due to Gen Y characteristics and their pervasive influence on the other three generations of workers in North American workplaces.

This seminar focuses on the findings from each of the countries and provides a comparison and contrast that you should be aware of when planning for future workplaces. 



February 15, 2012

February 16, 2012

February 16, 2012



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Keynote Speaker:

Melanie D. Redman, EDAC, IDSA
Senior Design Researcher | WorkSpace Futures Explorations | Steelcase


As part of the WorkSpace Futures Explorations group, Melanie conducts human-centered research in various markets. Most recently, she has been engaged in comparing office cultures in different countries and collaboration activities in Asia, Europe and the US. In 2009, she spent two months in China conducting a study of that country’s Post-80s generation, as part of a larger study that also included Gen Y in the US and India. Other recent projects include an exploration of innovative small businesses in the US, and a survey of Chinese hospital typologies.


Prior to these projects, she worked primarily in the healthcare sector, exploring patient, staff and family experiences in different healthcare environments. She led deep dives in outpatient oncology and adult acute care environments, and participated in additional dives looking at pharmacies and outpatient care facilities.


Insights garnered from these projects are used to develop new products and applications for Steelcase Inc. customers, and are shared with the architecture and design community through research presentations. Melanie has co-authored articles for Healthcare Design Magazine, and has been a speaker at HealthDesign Conference and the Center for Health Design’s Pebble Conference. She has degrees in Russian Language and International Studies from Emory University, and Graphic Design from Purchase College of the Arts, SUNY.



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