Larry Levine | President CT/NNE/WMA
Ray Wasson | Senior Vice President
Joe Gaffney | Senior Vice President
Jim Baker | Senior Vice President

Don Marshall | President EMA
Mike Faherty | Senior Vice President
David Trainor | Senior Vice President
Casey Kalman | Senior Vice President

Through workplace planning and change management, we help you to create high performance worksettings that engage and inspire. We offer innovative solutions that support all of the ways in which people work to achieve your organizational objectives.

  • Develop a workplace strategy to support your business goals and culture
  • Support change through employee engagement
  • Design innovative and creative applications
  • Manage workplace transformations from concept through implementation
  • Serve as your single point of contact for a streamlined and cost-effective solution
  • Provide a dedicated and experienced team focused on you

•  Auditorium
•  Conference | Formal Meeting Room
•  Enclave
•  Huddle Room
•  Informal Collaborative
•  Lobby/Reception
•  Multipurpose Space
•  Private Office
•  Quiet Space
•  Touchdown Space
•  Training Rooms
•  Work Café
•  Workstations

Some of our furniture clients include: