Larry Velie | Vice President, Architectural Systems & Engineered Interiors
John Mitton | Vice President, Audiovisual Technology
Tom Perrone | General Manager, Technology
Mark Graham | General Manager, Floorcovering
Joe LeBlanc | General Manager, Custom Solutions

Red Thread Integrated Interiors
Creating integrated interiors means taking a holistic approach to workplace environments by creating beautiful, functional, flexible and environmentally responsible spaces that streamline the process and make it cost effective.

Our Team has individual expertise in furniture, architectural systems, audiovisual, technology, flooring, and custom solutions, but our greatest value lies in the seamless integration. Our Integrated Interiors graphic demonstrates how each of these business segments are interconnected. Click on a section to learn more about our expertise in that area.

•  Conference | Formal Meeting Room
•  Enclave
•  Informal Collaborative
•  Multipurpose | Training Spaces
•  Private Office
•  Team Studio
•  Work Café

Some of our integrated interiors clients include: