Maximize your building system performance with our comprehensive set of services. We support your facilities management strategy, whether you are relocating to a new building or managing day-to-day changes within your current space. Our holistic approach reduces complexity and ensures seamless planning and implementation.


With over 20 years of hands-on experience and a team of 80+ certified and licensed technicians, Red Thread has the expertise and capacity to service all of your technology needs.

In addition, our Technology group has acquired ISO 14001 Certification which ensures that our processes, procedures and practices are at the highest level of environmental stewardship.




Network Cabling
Data, voice, optic and audiovisual cabling design and installation.


Electrical Services
We design and implement electrical systems using our own dedicated electricians.


Lighting Design
Ambient, task, accent and general lighting options.


Acoustical Services
Sound masking, distributed audio, and sound-absorbing wall, ceiling and flooring treatments.


Technology Asset Recycling
Recycle obsolete technology while keeping the planet safe.


Building Automation & Security
Optimize lighting, heating, electrical, life safety and security systems throughout your facility.



5 Ways virtual reality will change the workplace

In 2014, Facebook changed the trajectory of the virtual reality industry through a $2 billion acquisition deal with Oculus VR. Prior to the acquisition, virtual reality was thought to be almost exclusively suited to the world of video games. The deal demonstrated Facebook’s confidence in the technology and guaranteed the future of VR: Within two…


Creative Tech Spaces Guide FREE!

In a globally connected 24/7 world, how we connect and collaborate with distributed teams is more important than ever. That’s why our AV team at Red Thread is proud to introduce the Microsoft Surface Hub as as a key tool in the development of creative collaboration spaces. Microsoft Surface Hub re-imagines the meeting experience – one device,…

Blog_Header3_Collaboration Furniture

5 Types of collaborative office furniture and tech tools

Today we understand that collaboration is central to innovation and is a key catalyst for business growth. Solving problems and implementing solutions require people and teams to build on each other’s ideas and iterate quickly whether in the same location or distributed nationally or globally. To top that, collaborative work is more dependent on technology than ever.…

Blog_Header flat wire

4 Reconfigurable power options including flat wire technology

Access to flexible power options is becoming a key concern in today’s workplace. Whether it’s a simple space reconfiguration or the need to boost access to power in an older space, there are several solutions to achieve flexible, reconfigurable power. Flat wire technology allows for power to run seamlessly under carpet tile making it easy to camouflage but…

Blog_Header_AV Adaptors 2B

5 Tips for integrating audiovisual technology into space design

Audiovisual technology in the workplace is like peanut butter and jelly… it just goes together. More than ever, it’s frustrating and unproductive when furniture and space design are not integrated with technology. As you plan your meeting room spaces there are a couple of handy tips that our audiovisual experts know will improve functionality. Here are 5 simple tips…


An audiovisual glossary you can count on!

Planning a new conference room or collaborative space but at a loss with all the audio visual terminology out there? Not a problem! We’ve created a handy glossary of terms to help you speak like a tech pro! RED THREAD GLOSSARY OF AUDIOVISUAL TERMS Ambient Light All light in a viewing room produced by sources other than the display.…

Blog_Header_Surface Demo

Candid Microsoft Surface Hub demo for Commercial Integrator

Our resident Microsoft Surface Hub expert Tom Napolitano does a candid Microsoft Surface Hub demo of this all new collaboration technology for Commercial Integrator magazine. There are a lot of options when looking to upgrade your meeting rooms or collaboration suites. Surface Hub offers a technology solution that provides a single piece of hardware that…

Blog_Header_Wireless charge

Wireless power becomes a reality in today’s office.

Wires, wires, wires everywhere. Especially true in the modern office! Who hasn’t experienced the frustration of trying to find an open outlet to quickly charge your phone or device before it dies? Good news, wireless charging is not only a reality but coming to an desk near you. Our partners at Teslink have developed technology to…

Layer 8

Why supporting BYOD mobility is a business advantage.

It’s been estimated that the BYOD “Bring Your Own Device” enterprise mobility market will be worth over $266 billion by 2019. There’s a reason for that…smart phones and tablets have saturated the market and increasingly we expect them to dovetail seamlessly with our workflow both inside and outside of the office setting. Slowly fading is the outdated notion…

Layer 7

Virtual goggles let you tour your new space before it’s even done!

Our Red Thread design group is experimenting with exciting new ways to engage people using interactive experiences such as virtual goggles that allow them to see a workspace in three dimensions while it’s still in conceptual stages! Remember View-Master, the toy that debuted over 75 years ago and delighted children by transporting them into imaginary worlds? That…

Blog_Header_Surface Hub

Microsoft Surface Hub begins shipping to business customers!

As a key distributor in the Microsoft Surface Hub commercial sales channel, Red Thread is proud to announce that Microsoft has begun shipping the Surface Hub to business customers! After a few delays (after all this is a brand new product being manufactured in the US – read the story here), they are beginning to…


The Multimedia Suite is today’s modern meeting room.

Progressive companies are eschewing the formal meeting room for an option that is more informal, comfortable and versatile – at Red Thread we call it the Multimedia Suite. Today’s teams, especially marketing and communication, need audio visual solutions that are agile and allow them to monitor social media feeds simultaneously on a multi-media wall for immersive…