How we help.

Red Thread, in partnership with Steelcase, can help you craft a workplace strategy.

We will engage your leadership and employees with workplace tools and services to understand your needs. Our team will translate your vision to reality, from design concept through implementation and ongoing support.

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In the Explore phase, we help you envision a clear workplace strategy.

Discovery Tools + Workshops
Workplace Surveys


The Plan phase is where we help transform your vision into reality.

Live Design Experience
Concept Review
Pilot Space
Design Applications
– Architectural Systems
Audiovisual Technology
– Specification
– Finish Selection
Technology Services


In the Provide phase, we implement your plan, reduce complexity, and ensure a great result.

Project Management
Warehousing, Delivery, Installation
Employee Move Experience


In the Manage phase, we keep your business running smoothly with comprehensive support.

Onsite Service (Furniture, AV)
Asset Storage & Tracking
Customer Web Portal
Move Services
– Reconfigurations
Technology Asset Recycling

Our Services

Services explore discovery tools

Discovery Tools and Workshops

Uncover key workplace issues to support the development of a workplace strategy.

[Brochure] How We Help

services explore surveys

Workplace Surveys

Elicit crucial work environment feedback from employees and staff.

Services explore thoughtstarters planning ideas


Get inspired with space planning ideas and applications.

[Link] Planning Ideas by Steelcase

services plan live design experience

Live Design Experience

Create your future workspace in real time, in collaboration with a Red Thread designer.

[Blog] Create a future workplace in real time

services plan concept review

Concept Review

See your floorplan reimagined as an ecosystem of spaces with conceptual designs.

services plan pilot space

Pilot Space

Test concepts, explore work settings and engage end users before a large-scale project decision.

services plan design applications

Design Applications

Reimagine your work environment with tailored work settings that meet your needs.

services plan demountable walls architectural systems raised access floor sound masking

Architectural Systems

Create privacy and flexible infrastructure with demountable walls, sound masking and raised access floor.

[Link] Demountable Walls

[Blog] Walls 101

[Link] Architectural Systems expertise

[Brochure] Architectural Systems

services plan audiovisual technology design engineering

Audiovisual Technology

Integrate the latest technology applications with audiovisual design and engineering services.

[Link] Audiovisual Expertise

[Brochure] Audiovisual Design/Build Services

[Blog] 5 Tips for Integrating AV into Spaces

services plan technology services electrical structured cabling lighting acoustics

Technology Services

Realize the full potential of your space with structured cabling, electrical services, lighting design and acoustical services.

[Link] Technology expertise

[Brochure] Technology Services

services provide project management

Project Management

Rely on our PM experience for scheduling, budgeting, and overseeing installation and closeout.

[Blog] Our PM’s Top 10 Tips

Services provide warehousing delivery installation

Warehousing, Delivery & Installation

Depend on us for timely, damage-free deliveries and professional installation

[Brochure] Furniture Services

[Brochure] Asset Storage & Tracking

services provide employee move-in experience

Employee Move Experience

Create a positive transition for employees with a move-in booklet to acquaint them with their new work environment.

[Blog] Our own move transition in Boston!

[Brochure] Move Services

services manage onsite furniture service audiovisual AV service

Onsite Service

Rely on us for complimentary warranty service on furniture. AV GroupCare service plans and Help Desk support technology systems.

[Brochure] Furniture Services

[Brochure] AV Service Plans

services manage asset storage and tracking

Asset Storage & Tracking

Utilize our warehouse spaces to store and manage your assets. We efficiently track and report on your investment.

[Brochure] Asset Storage & Tracking

services manage customer web portal

Customer Web Portal

Order from company product standards, access project documents and important resources, manage assets, and more.

services manage move management


Rely on us for a smooth transition to your new space. Services include technology disconnect & reconnect and furniture uninstall/reinstall.
[Link] Red Thread Move Services
[Brochure] Move Services

services manage technology asset recycling

Technology Asset Recycling

Recycle your obsolete technology while keeping your data secure and the planet safe.

[Brochure] Technology Asset Recycling

[Blog] Technology group ISO 14001 certified!



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Making the Most of Your Employees’ Move Experience

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Business relocations are complex, time-consuming projects that can have a major impact on productivity—and your bottom line—if not managed correctly. When looking to hire a professional office mover, there is a lot more to consider than with a residential move. Ask yourself the following questions to help evaluate your potential office move partners: Download the…

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5 Tips for planning a successful office relocation!

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Checklist for a successful office move!

Getting ready for an office move is a huge effort for all involved. Using this office move checklist will help create actionable steps to ensure a successful transition and set a strong foundation for positive change. Our move management team has compiled the following checklist of best practices to consider as you prepare for a successful workplace…


Technology group achieves ISO 14001 certification!

WHAT IS ISO 14001? ISO 14001 outines the criteria for an Environmental Management System and maps out an effective framework and procedures that a company can follow. It can be used by any organization that wants to improve resource efficiency, reduce waste, and drive down costs showing both internal and external stakeholders that environmental impact…


Our PM’s Top 10 Tips for success.

As the Manager for our Boston based Project Management team, I have seen it all when it comes to managing projects. However, from start-ups to installs for Fortune 500 companies, the principles are the same. I’ve compiled my Top 10 project management tips in the hopes that your project stays on the highway to success!…