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Employees are driven to generate high output, whether it is problem solving, decision making or innovative thinking.  Do your employees have the space and technology to perform at their best? Until now, space and technology in the workplace have often been planned separately by different teams with different objectives.

That’s why Steelcase, Red Thread and Microsoft developed a partnership to explore and develop an immersive ecosystem that brings together space and technology to help people generate new ideas and move them forward.

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Technology-Enabled Creative Spaces

Microsoft and Steelcase’s collection of immersive Creative Spaces brings people, space and technology together to generate new ideas and move them forward. With Red Thread’s audiovisual expertise and expanded portfolio of collaboration technology, we can make any space a creative space.


People, space and technology drive the way we work.

Technology continues to shape how we work. Today’s powerful mobile devices, ubiquitous internet access, and cloud-based applications make working anywhere, anytime, possible. Companies must employ strategies to meet the expectations of a more tech-savvy workforce. Every organization today is trying to boost their bottom line and rethink their technology strategy to best support their employee’s productivity, efficiency and work experience, all while managing costs.

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Why are we different?

What really separates us from other AV/IT integrator/consultants is that we are not just technology experts, but experts in space and the impact on organizations. In a challenging, complex and competitive environment, we are all united by a common desire to anticipate the future and act on it now. That is why our experts and Steelcase, our parent company, spend a lot of time thinking about the future.

Patterns are forming around work, space and behaviors of future focused organizations. We know that space shapes the behavior of employees and behavior overtime, becomes the culture of an organization. Space and technology are the second largest business expense after salaries and a critical strategic asset in driving an engaged workplace culture.

Our broad experience brings a unique and relevant perspective to your team. We engage you in a thoughtful and holistic approach that incorporates how people, space and technology need to come together for a meaningful workplace transformation.


What are your audiovisual design goals?

From quick refreshes to re-imagining your collaborative environments, we deliver office technology that makes sense for your organization.



Practical cost-effective presentation technology, from classrooms to  meeting rooms, that gets the job done.

– Basic System Design
– Wireless and Button Control
– Project Management + Installation
– Standards Program
– Basic Service Contracts



Integrated high-performance systems, analog and digital solutions for local & remote participants.

– System Design Engineering
– Unified Control Systems
– Project Management + Installation
– System Commissioning
– Gold Service Contracts



Immersive technology, integrated holistically within space to drive a creative and collaborative workplace culture.

– Workplace Strategy & Change Mgt.
– Application Engineering
– Unified Collaboration Solutions
– Project Management + Installation
– Managed Care Onsite

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