We have many industry partners, but are grounded by our partnership with Steelcase.

Our direct relationship with Steelcase provides our customers unparalleled access to comprehensive research, analysis and insight into how we work today. As the industry leader, Steelcase is constantly engaged in research to ensure our clients stay agile and informed well into the future. The insights yielded by this research help organizations achieve a higher level of performance by creating work environments that unlock the promise of their people.

But our Steelcase partnership is not all encompassing. For 75 years, we have been developing relationships with a wide array of audiovisual, technology, flooring, furniture, architectural products and custom solutions providers to ensure that our customers benefit from the broadest portfolio of workplace products and solutions in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Vermont.



As a Steelcase-owned dealership, Red Thread offers our clients financial stability and leading-edge workplace expertise. Steelcase’s market leadership and research capabilities are widely acknowledged to be best in class, providing valuable ideas and insights into how work is changing. With direct access to an extensive product and services portfolio, we can offer clients a seamlessly integrated process from concept through installation.


110,000+  companies served in the last 5 years
$3.1 billion annual revenue (fiscal 2016)
15  manufacturing locations
800  dealer partners around the world
12,000+  employees worldwide
no. 1  global market position
1,700+  patents worldwide