Today, we understand how essential collaboration is to foster innovation, engagement and productivity in the workplace.

Unfortunately, many organizations, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, have collaboration spaces – or meeting rooms – that are seriously outdated. Yet, according to a Wainhouse Research and Polycom Survey, employees report a 94% increase in efficiency and productivity and an 87% increase in expedited decision making once their collaboration spaces are up to par. Not to mention reduced travel costs! So, the bottom line? Upgrading your collaboration spaces effects all constituents within the workplace and can have an enormous impact when designed thoughtfully using the latest technology.

Collaboration is central to knowledge work and collaborative settings provide the supporting structure to generate new ideas and creative solutions. As we work in distributed teams more often, we need places (both virtually and physically) that allow us to see our teammates comfortably, hear each other clearly and share information easily in order to build the “shared mind” that is necessary for innovation.

At Red Thread, we’ve developed the ‘Meeting Room Planning Guide’ not only to share best practices and guidelines for developing collaboration spaces, but also to help you understand the different types of meeting rooms possible within a corporate setting as well as to provide budgetary guidelines and timeframes that will help you plan your spaces.

The Guide shares details on;

+ Space dimensions
+ Room Capacity
+ Room Layouts
+ Budget
+ Timelines
+ Audio Visual Products
+ Furniture Products

For the following rooms:
+ Learn Lab
+ Multipurpose Room
+ Café Commons
+ Tech Café
+ Huddle Room – 2 Person
+ Huddle Room – 6 Person
+ Team Studio
+ Small Conference Room



There’s a lot to consider when designing collaboration spaces – lighting, acoustics, sightlines, privacy, and ease of sharing to name a few. This guide is meant to help you take the first step. Once you are ready to proceed, our technology and workplace consultants are poised to partner with you to tailor a solution that fits your specific needs, budget, space configuration and timeline.

The AV PLANNING GUIDE is FREE! Click here to learn more

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