People collaborating in an innovative corporate headquarters

The exciting future of the corporate headquarters

I recently read a compelling article, HQ 2.0: The Next-Generation Corporate Center, and wanted to share the main ideas, as it perfectly aligns with what we do here at Red Thread in creating workplace transformation. Trends Driving Change People used to aim for a corner office filled with wood furniture and expensive artwork. This was…

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Mood board showing ancillary furniture and finishes

9 Inspiring sources for residential office furniture

As you explore furniture options for residential-inspired workplace settings, the number of products available can be overwhelming. From lounge seating to coffee tables, there are a seemingly infinite number of commercial, residential and online manufacturers. Our business involves working side by side with hundreds of these vendors, so we have some valuable experience! To help…

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Ancillary furniture setting

What is ancillary furniture?

Ancillary is a term you may have heard recently with regard to designing a space, but what does it mean? Here we delve into the trends that have impacted the rise in ancillary furniture within the workplace and hospitality sector, its definition, and the three questions you should ask yourself as you compare products. How…

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Employees gather and socialize to beat workplace stress

Beating workplace stress in 2019

As simpler tasks have become automated, the work left for humans has become more creative and complex. We are required to be agile problem-solvers, we work in teams more often, we are more mobile and able to work 24/7. Technology continues to rapidly evolve, challenging us to adapt our workflows and learn new systems. We…

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Employees in a video conference

How to maintain a common user experience without a standard technology platform

In a perfect world, all companies would be able to collaborate using a single standard technology platform, easily and effortlessly. However, the reality is that we have almost as many platforms as we do companies that provide the service. This makes it increasingly difficult for organizations, even those that try and standardize on a single…

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People collaborating with mobile devices at a conference table

Considerations for designing a common user experience

Collaborative technologies are a critical driver in today’s work landscape. Because employees today are more mobile, flexible and distributed, IT staff are being pressed to deliver easy-to-use technology solutions that support workplace productivity anywhere. One challenge they face is how to provide common workflows and user experiences across all possible locations, from the home office…

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People collaborating with technology in a conference room

Choosing between bundled & integrated conferencing systems

With the pressing need to drive innovation and creativity, tools to support collaboration are more important now than ever. Organizations are optimizing their real estate footprints, reducing the square footage per person in order to maximize the number of collaboration spaces. With most meetings at 8 people or less, larger boardrooms are being repurposed and…

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people collaborating using video conferencing

How to support three collaboration styles with technology + furniture

As machines have replaced much of the repetitive work we used to do, today’s work is increasingly creative and collaborative. Now more than ever, we are working in groups, both face-to-face and virtually with remote colleagues, and incorporating meeting room technology. Just as the kind of work we do varies, not all collaboration is the…

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woman breastfeeding in mamava mini

Is your workplace compliant with breastfeeding laws?

Did you know that a woman’s right to breastfeed is protected by both state and federal laws? The 2010 Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) “Break Time for Nursing Mothers” ensures that breastfeeding protections also extend to the workplace. Is your organization in compliance with the law? Federal law requires businesses with 50 or more employees…

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demountable wall systems with terms overlaid

A glossary of terms for demountable wall systems

Demountable wall systems, also called movable walls, are incredible solutions for creating flexible enclosed environments that can adapt over time. With these products come a number of terms that you may or may not be familiar with. We created this handy glossary of terms to help you better understand the nuances of these solutions and…

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modern meeting room using demountable walls with integrated technology and lighting

What are demountable walls and why use them?

Demountable walls, also known as movable walls are architectural products used to construct enclosed environments. They can be detached from their ceiling and floor tracks and moved to another location. They eliminate the mess and disruption of traditional construction while remaining reusable and reconfigurable for future changes to your work environment. Types of demountable walls…

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A lively office lounge with custom furniture that evokes a vibrant personality

5 Custom furniture pieces that showcase your personality

With Millennials making up more than 1 in 3 adult Americans by 2020 and 75% of the workforce by 2025, it is critical for today’s workspaces to attract and retain younger generations. Millennials are looking for more than a paycheck – they want to feel inspired and supported in doing their best work, and part…

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