As the shift to hybrid work and change in employee expectations evolve, the way leaders think about overall workplace design is changing, too. Designing custom furniture can help solve difficult space planning problems with the right fit, finish, and price – all in a timely manner.

Whether it’s creating an entirely new space or breathing life into an existing workplace, Tad Elliott, General Manager for Create by Red Thread, is dedicated to creating stunning pieces that fit within any aesthetic. Here’s how he got started with custom furniture and a closer look inside the overall design and project process.

What inspired your love of design?

Tad Elliott: It all started in a quest to find the perfect rocking chair. I started traveling to different furniture and antique shops throughout New England searching for what I called “The One.” It had to fit three criteria, fit, finish, and sound. The right chair for me couldn’t just feel good and look good, it also needed to creak in just the right way while rocking. It took an entire year of searching to find the perfect match, and at the same time, I quickly realized my passion for designing furniture.

Collage of Tad and his Create projects

What role does custom furniture design play in the workplace?

Tad Elliott: For the past 20 years I have been learning the different facets of design. I’ve learned how important the initial planning, design development, pricing, scheduling, and coordination of installation all are to bringing a design to life. To me, it’s all about communicating a vision. The furniture and materials harmonize with the lighting while the wall colors and flooring mesh to create a certain feeling. Designing custom furniture can not only meet various aesthetics and enhance workplace design, but it can be perfectly tailored to your work environment to help tell the right workplace transformation story of your space.

Collage of Create projects

What are some common misconceptions about designing custom furniture?

Tad Elliott: Custom furniture is oftentimes mislabeled as extremely expensive with a prolonged process. In our new world of supply chain issues and product delays; speed is a necessity, and that’s something we recognize. We manage your project each step of the way – from needs assessment through installation – and deliver custom furniture solutions at a faster pace than some manufacturers, all at a lower cost.

Renderings to real life

What’s your favorite thing about what you do?

Tad Elliott Since we can create anything you can imagine, every day brings something completely new and different. From storage to tables to cabinetry, each project is a blank slate where I can roll up my sleeves and get creative. Problem solving has become second nature to me; whether it’s integrating AV requirements, creating custom details for easier access to power, or matching brand colors, I’m up for the task. Working on our unique, one-of-a-kind custom furniture solutions has put a smile on my face, just like my first rocking chair “The One.”

Create renderings and actual images


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