As a key distributor in the Microsoft Surface Hub commercial sales channel, Red Thread is proud to announce that Microsoft has begun shipping the Surface Hub to business customers! After a few delays (after all this is a brand new product being manufactured in the US – read the story here), they are beginning to roll-out both the 55-inch and 84-inch models. And we’re thrilled that we’re getting a few ourselves.

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The Microsoft Surface Hub fits perfectly into Red Thread’s extensive audio visual portfolio. Technology is a significant driver for change, critical to igniting innovation and competing in a global economy, and the Red Thread team understands how important technology such as the Surface Hub is to foster communication, drive innovation, support mobility, enhance collaboration and generate better business results. “Business customers are increasingly seeking devices that can be easily managed and configured to empower their teams to be more productive” said John Mitton, VP Audiovisual at Red Thread. “We’re excited to participate in the Microsoft Surface Hub commercial sales channel for these reasons and because it demonstrates our commitment to providing state-of-the-art audiovisual solutions.”

On the Microsoft blog they are unequivocal. “We are not just releasing a powerful device. We are releasing a team-empowering solution that will make meetings more productive, modernize workflows, and let people engage with data much better. We designed Surface Hub from the ground up for ink and touch, and harnessed the best collaboration and security features of Windows 10, Skype for Business, Office, OneNote and Universal Windows apps. We’ve seen how businesses and disciplines like healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, consulting, defense, finance, education, and design can bring Surface Hub into workspaces to bring a new level of innovation and efficiency to their teams. They can reduce costs and improve effectiveness, compared to legacy AV and presentation technology.”

We wanted to see how the Surface Hub compares to a more traditional Lync Room System and put together a price comparison. The net result is that the 55″ model is a steal when compared with a traditional multi-component system. On the 84″ model, while the initial expenditure is a wash, the long-term cost of ownership and service theoretically would be much less – but only time will tell. The main upside though is how seamless and intuitive it is to use. So much so, that people will WANT to use it. When you feel the fluidity of the inking system and see how easy it is to pull up and annotate on multiple sources – and then share the content you create with the click of a button – it just opens up tons of new possibilities for teams. And if your team is already on a Skype for Business platform – this is technology that you have to check out!

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