Our Red Thread design group is experimenting with exciting new ways to engage people using interactive experiences such as virtual goggles that allow them to see a workspace in three dimensions while it’s still in conceptual stages!

Virtual reality demo gogglesIMG_0207
Remember View-Master, the toy that debuted over 75 years ago and delighted children by transporting them into imaginary worlds? That was the beginning of virtual reality and the precursor to today’s technology. You’ve probably heard of virtual reality goggles but maybe you didn’t know that we’re already using this cutting edge technology. Virtual goggles can give our clients a virtual 360 degree tour of their future space and could eventually replace the need for – or act as a partner – in the mock up process.

How do virtual goggles work? Essentially, it is a smart phone mounted to a light weight pair of goggles. The goggles have lenses that enable the wearer to see two separate images (one in each eye) which the brain combines into one – which is called stereoscopy and is what gives us the illusion of 3D depth.

In addition, these goggles contain head tracking systems. When connected to the smart phone, it sends signals to adjust the images seen by the wearer as they move around their environment. If the wearer is using virtual reality to look at an architectural space then they will be able to view it at different angles, and walk through or around it. The time savings and potential of this new technology is something our design team is excited to share with our customers!

Interested in seeing what’s inside the goggles? Click to view a live demo of a virtual reality workspace!



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