How to Incorporate Ancillary into Your Space: Top Commercial Design Trends

Discover how to incorporate ancillary spaces with top trends. Enhance functionality, aesthetic, and wellbeing in lobbies, lounges, and work cafés.…

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Healthier Hospitals

Taking the lead: the Healthier Hospitals Initiative

Most of us using today’s healthcare system would be interested to know the initiatives that are taking place across the country…

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Desk Lunch

No more sad lunches: value of the work café

How sad is your lunch? Well believe it or not, the sad desk lunch goes beyond the food itself. Where…

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VIA Walls

V.I.A. demountable walls – under the hood

Recently, Red Thread completed construction of three V.I.A. rooms in our Boston space. During the construction we used the opportunity to train some of our local installers…

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Love your workplace

Top 5 things we love in a workplace: an unofficial survey.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we thought we’d take an unofficial, unscientific survey of our colleagues to find…

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Color Psycology

Boost employee well-being with colorful design

Maximizing real estate while boosting productivity, culture, creativity, and comfort – all while staying on budget – is what keeps most…

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Bring your own device

What the heck is BYOD?

The BYOD audiovisual trend – Bring Your Own Device – is a concept that is making the rounds in the…

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Project Management

Our PM’s top 10 tips for success

As the Manager for our Boston based Project Management Team, I have seen it all when it comes to managing…

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Red Thread Design

Red Thread Designers enter CET competition!

What is CET you might ask?  CET Designer is a software solution by Configura that our Red Thread design team uses…

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Spring 2015 Pantone colors

Pantone color trends spring 2015

This season, colors take their cue from nature. “En plein air”…that’s how Pantone color forecasters describe the color trends spring…

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VIA Demountable Walls

V.I.A. hits Beantown!

Announcing the arrival of Steelcase V.I.A. wall at Red Thread Boston! What, you may ask, is V.I.A.?  V.I.A. [Vertical. Intelligent. Architecture.] is…

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Welcome Red Thread Blog

Cheers! We’re launching a Red Thread workplace blog.

We’re looking forward to a great conversation! Whether it be an office space, healthcare setting, classroom or anything in between,…

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