Conference rooms with glass panels allow for open collaboration

The cafeteria has various types of seating for comfort and engagement

Answer workstations and adjustable height work surfaces support postural changes throughout the day

A common hallway allows for spontaneous collaboration

Pantry areas located on each floor


Brown University was running out of space on their main campus and needed to accommodate growth for academic departments and classrooms. Committed to the revitalization of Providence and the preservation of historic buildings, the 300,000 SF vacant power plant was selected to undergo a major renovation. Today, the South Street Landing building is the new home of 425 employees from 11 administrative departments that were previously dispersed across the campus. High exposed ceilings, natural wood and steel structures maintain the building’s historical look and help create a modern and inviting aesthetic that employees love. By relocating the administrative personnel to South Street landing, Brown has not only created a more collaborative, engaged culture but also contributed to the revitalization of Providence’s Jewelry District.

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