The Tesira line of digital signal processors takes our legacy for customizable, configurable, medium-scale platforms and extends it to the large, extra large, and super-scale platforms. By using Audio Video Bridging (AVB), an IEEE open standard, its networking capabilities are among the most flexible, scalable, and affordable on the market. The Tesira line includes the SERVER (can be deployed as a redundant pair), SERVER-IO, and TesiraFORTÉ, with each offering different networking capabilities for different installation environments.

TesiraFORTÉ features four different models optimized for specific applications with fixed I/O configurations. All of our models are well-suited for many applications, from background music to court recording to soft codec integration. The chart below illustrates some of the differentiating factors for each model.

Differentiating Factors


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We also recognize that some applications don’t require audio networking. That’s why we offer an AVB and a non-AVB version for each model. The non-AVB models have all the same functionality as the AVB versions, except those specifically related to AVB networking. They can still interface with third-party controls and be controlled and programmed remotely over a network. The non-AVB TesiraFORTÉ models are ideal for conference rooms that require their own audio DSP in the room.

TesiraFORTÉ hosts a Tesira configuration file and, therefore, does not require a SERVER or SERVER-IO in order to function. TesiraFORTÉ can also host a Biamp Canvas™ file and can be controlled by Biamp Canvas interfaces. The AVB models can host all expander-class devices (audio and logic expanders) as well as send firmware updates via the Ethernet port. All TesiraFORTÉ models can host Tesira TEC-1 control devices, EX-LOGIC devices and can connect via Ethernet or RS-232 with third-party control systems. TesiraFORTÉ is accessible locally or remotely over Ethernet for management and maintenance.


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