clinician hub by SteelcaseHealthcare is evolving at a rapid pace, changing on almost every imaginable front, as patients and caregivers seek improved experiences, outcomes and value.

Engaging patients in healthcare has become a new clinical paradigm. In addition, addressing clinician needs has never been more important. Over half of physicians report at least one sign of burnout – a 10% increase over the past 3 years (Steelcase). Creating spaces that are designed to offer healthcare workers respite will help with attracting and retaining top talent.

We at Red Thread support your commitment to patient- and clinician-focused care by designing for the human factor and optimizing healthcare experiences to connect people, place and technology.


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Evidence Based Design for healthcare

What is Evidence Based Design? Defined as the process of basing design/build decisions on credible research in an effort to achieve optimal outcomes, evidence based design for healthcare facilities is becoming increasingly popular. The goal is simple: To improve patient and staff well-being, patient healing, stress reduction, and safety. Even as far back as the late 1800’s Florence Nightingale…


How biophilic design impacts wellbeing at work.

According to our friends at Wikipedia biophilia literally means “love of life or living systems.” So biophilic design centers around establishing naturally based habitats for humans to live and work. Designers and Architects who practice biophilic design create spaces in which humans can achieve maximum wellbeing and productivity by incorporating elements derived from nature. First used by Erich Fromm, the noted German social psychologist,…


Taking the lead: the Healthier Hospitals Initiative

Most of us using today’s healthcare system would be interested to know the initiatives that are taking place across the country to encourage healthcare organizations to shift to a more sustainable business model and address environmental impacts. Healthier Hospitals Initiatives (HHI) is a national campaign organized to lead change in the healthcare sector with a call…

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