people waiting in a healthcare settingTransformative healing spaces consider the wellbeing of patients, care teams, and communities.

There’s widespread awareness that the wellbeing of many healthcare workers is impaired, and strong momentum is building among their employers to make changes that can build a new culture of wellbeing within their organizations.

Now COVID-19 has exacerbated and put an impossible-to-ignore spotlight on the burdens that healthcare workers routinely face.

We’re committed to patient- and clinician-focused care by designing for the human factor and optimizing healthcare experiences to connect people, place and technology.

Featured Products

Surround Health care furniture


Surround supports the family in every way, offering a place to spend time with one another, rest, be productive, host other guests and communicate with clinicians.


Convey Modular Casework

Convey Modular Casework provides an elevated level of choice, quality and design flexibility.

Embold Collection

Embold Collection

With its inviting design, residential styling and variety of materials, the Embold Collection of seating and tables creates a welcoming, expressive waiting environment.

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