Susan Cain Quiet Spaces Improve Focus & Productivity

What Steelcase and Susan Cain both recognized is the overwhelming need to provide employees with choice and control over how they work. With the drive for greater collaboration...

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New Thinking in Exam Room Design

Healthcare is rapidly changing. Patients are now more active participants- seeking a personal approach and more control of their overall wellbeing. Yesterday’s exam rooms may have sufficed...

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Wellbeing in the Workplace

Forward-thinking organizations are investing in the physical, cognitive and psychological wellbeing of their people. Taking this holistic approach to their spaces and culture leads to a huge...

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How Feeling Good at Work Drives Business Performance

When IBM asked CEOs around the world to identify the most important...

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Designing for the Human/Technology Tension

By Allison Arieff
The editors of 360 Magazine invited Allison Arieff, former editor-in-chief and founding senior editor of Dwell, content strategist for...

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How Leading Organizations Innovate

Red Thread + Steelcase help the world's leading organizations create places that can augment human interactions and improve performance.


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How Technology is Changing Education

 When a Stanford University professor offered a free online course in artificial intelligence in 2011, he had no idea that the experiment would attract 160,000 students from 190 countries and...

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Innovation in Healthcare | Making Every Moment Count

The healthcare industry is undergoing a transformation. Fueled by new technology and processes, as well as higher expectations from patients and caregivers, healthcare is in need of innovation....

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TagWizard by the Numbers

Workers today are more mobile than ever, and that means fewer dedicated workstations and private offices are needed to support them. Instead, free-address touchdown spaces are one of many...

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Resilient Real Estate

In today’s volatile economy, business leaders are looking for workplace strategies to differentiate from the competition and strengthen their adaptability. Ten years ago the average...

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