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What are your technology design goals?

people collaborating with a touch screenWhat are your technology design goals?

As you think about adding or enhancing your existing collaborative workspaces, there is a lot to consider. Purchasing technology for your organization is a significant investment in time and resources, and needs to be well-thought out. There are a number of questions you should ask to discover the right solutions for you:


Improving the remote worker experience

With our increased reliance on technology and a distributed workforce, today’s employees are challenged when it comes to remote team collaboration. As someone who almost exclusively relies on web conferencing to collaborate with my team, I have experienced many of the struggles firsthand. Here are some of the key ways to create a productive and…

How to foster workplace creativity by embracing technology

“Ideas are the currency of the new economy.” That quote came from Richard Florida, an economist and social scientist who authored “The Rise of the Creative Class,” over a decade ago. Florida proposed that creative work is not exclusively an artistic pursuit but rather the process of generating new ideas and solving complex problems. He…

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5 Types of collaborative office furniture and tech tools

Today we understand that collaboration is central to innovation and is a key catalyst for business growth. Solving problems and implementing solutions require people and teams to build on each other’s ideas and iterate quickly whether in the same location or distributed nationally or globally. To top that, collaborative work is more dependent on technology than ever.…

Choosing between bundled & integrated conferencing systems

With the pressing need to drive innovation and creativity, tools to support collaboration are more important now than ever. Organizations are optimizing their real estate footprints, reducing the square footage per person in order to maximize the number of collaboration spaces. With most meetings at 8 people or less, larger boardrooms are being repurposed and…

Considerations for designing a common user experience

Collaborative technologies are a critical driver in today’s work landscape. Because employees today are more mobile, flexible and distributed, IT staff are being pressed to deliver easy-to-use technology solutions that support workplace productivity anywhere. One challenge they face is how to provide common workflows and user experiences across all possible locations, from the home office…

Video conferencing: 6 design considerations

Closing the distance gap for distributed teams is a tough proposition. But in today’s technology driven world, distance can’t be a barrier for any organization that wants to innovate and compete globally. In fact, 62% of workers are already saying they collaborate regularly with people in different geographies. When you work remotely and call in for a…

How to support three collaboration styles with technology + furniture

As machines have replaced much of the repetitive work we used to do, today’s work is increasingly creative and collaborative. Now more than ever, we are working in groups, both face-to-face and virtually with remote colleagues, and incorporating meeting room technology. Just as the kind of work we do varies, not all collaboration is the…

Using technology to boost productivity: 3 tips

Productivity is a major driving force for large and small businesses. Fostering a collaborative environment can be linked directly to positive business outcomes, including increased growth, employee retention, and the development of holistic business strategies. The modern office is the epicenter of recent productivity-boosting technological innovations and processes. Here are just a few. Maintain a…


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