What We Are All About

The legend of the ‘red thread’ is all about creating connections. It expresses the way our brand, culture, and values are translated into our hybrid work environments. Regardless of where our team members are located, we are collaborative, connected, committed and creative.

Red Thread employees having fun at work

  • Connected: we actively build connections with customers, partners and communities. We aim to develop lasting relationships by bringing value through knowledge, expertise and exemplary customer experiences.
  • Collaborative: we value teamwork. Our success depends on working together with our teammates across the enterprise, being accountable and treating each other with respect.
  • Committed: we are hardworking, set high standards, and are committed to transparency, honesty, and fairness in every aspect of our business.
  • Creative: we embrace creativity, curiosity and resourcefulness, taking initiative to make a real difference.

We Love Our Communities

Red Thread supporting communities

Red Thread serves our community through charitable financial and furniture donations, sponsorships as well as food and gift collections through our employee’s efforts. The following are a list of organizations we have supported over the last few years.