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Companies today are embracing an open, collaborative work environment, and more employees have the ability to work wherever they want. For this reason, organizations are rethinking their spaces and how people use them. As employees are given more choice and control, companies are designing office spaces that engage, inspire, and support evolving work styles and technology.

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Red Thread’s furniture team has the expertise and vast portfolio of options to help you create high performance work settings. We partner with you to achieve your organizational objectives by:

– Providing a dedicated and experienced team
– Supporting your workplace strategy
– Co-designing innovative and creative applications
– Implementing your workplace transformations

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Ancillary Furniture

With more people embracing mobility and taking their work on the go, companies today have to compete with various alternative work settings such as coffee shops, homes, and other relaxed environments. As a result, traditional work zones are evolving into flexible, lounge style spaces. Décor and ancillary furniture are instrumental in creating a comfortable and inviting space that entices people back to the office.


Benching Systems

As organizations evolve, they are moving away from traditional workstations to multi-functional, collaborative benching systems. These benching systems vary depending on your unique needs. Whether you need integrated height-adjustability with power access and built-in storage or a slim and sleek design aesthetic, Red Thread can find a system that works for your environment.


Adjustable Height Desks

Since we know that sitting is the new smoking, height-adjustable desks have become vital in today’s workplace, promoting wellbeing and posture changes throughout the work day. Sit-stand desks are available in manual and electronic options, with a variety of accessories to complement your workspace and support various applications.


Desks + Tables

Whether for individuals or teams, desks and tables are central to the work environment. Finding the right worksurface sets the stage for employee engagement, productivity, and collaboration. We offer a variety of functional and attractive options, including standard and custom wood tables, sleek desks, functional workstations, modular options, and dining tables.



Office seating is the single most important element that impacts employee comfort and wellbeing. Office chairs are more advanced and ergonomic than ever before, supporting various types of work as well as short and long-term seating. Our comprehensive office seating lineup meets a range of wellness, design, and budgetary needs.



As workplaces evolve, so do our office storage needs. As offices are more technology enabled and open, storage solutions are smaller, more efficient, and shared among mobile teams. From lateral files, pedestals, bookcases and cabinets, to storage towers and recycling centers, Red Thread offers innovative standard and custom storage solutions for your needs.



Workers want to create a more personal experience and are bringing their own devices and desiring functional worktools within their individual workspaces. Worktools such as power and cable management, personal whiteboards, organizational tools, individual lighting, and computer monitor arms provide a breadth of options employees want.



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