We help organizations and their partners create workplace environments to support productive, engaged employees.

Organizations of all types and industries have a common pain point in today’s volatile, global, 24-7 climate: how can they boost their bottom line? Executives like you are asking themselves “How do we do more with less? How do we attract and retain the brightest talent? How do we innovate? How do we stay competitive?”

What you may not realize is that space is a critical part of the equation. Your environment has the power to drive behaviors in your employees, and behavior over time becomes your workplace culture. Culture is a critical driver in attracting and retaining a superstar talent pool. When you are trying to expand and grow, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need an increase in square footage – you need smarter square footage. It’s about optimizing every square inch of space to support how your people work – collaborating, focusing, and even socializing. It’s about building in flexibility so that your space can evolve and grow with you. It’s about making people want to come into the office each day.

That’s where we can help. We partner with architects, business owners, and commercial realtors in translating the latest workplace research into tailored solutions for your business. We provide seamlessly integrated furniturearchitectural systems and technology to help your people perform better than ever in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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From ergonomic seating and adjustable height desks, to residential lounge furniture and accessories, we are your one-stop-shop for all your workplace furnishings. We take the time to get to know your work styles, goals and budget so we can recommend solutions that are tailored to you.

We handle everything from design support and project planning to installation and move-ins. After the installation, we provide ongoing support with onsite repair, reconfigurations, and asset management. This means we’re here for you from concept through implementation and beyond, for support as long as you need us.

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As your consultative partner, we advise you on the right office technology to support your employees’ productivity and creativity to boost your bottom line.

Audiovisual Design and Equipment
We design audiovisual solutions to make collaboration easy, from simple presentation systems in huddle and meeting rooms, to immersive videoconferencing solutions for boardrooms and large scale spaces. Our AV team provides comprehensive design and implementation services to support you from initial concept through day two service.
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Cabling, Electrical & Acoustics
Whether you are relocating to a new building or managing day-to-day changes within your current space, we provide the infrastructure necessary to power, cable, and manage acoustical privacy throughout your facility.
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Agile workplaces need to adapt to future needs with the built-in flexibility of architectural systems. We work with you to select the right demountable wall system to meet your auditory and visual privacy needs, as well as technology integration and finishes for your enclosed spaces within the open floorplan.

As collaborators with your project team, consultants and contractors, we carefully engineer our systems with the overall project in mind. Once your project is complete, we continue to support your ongoing needs with reconfigurations to keep you agile.

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Fast Forward

The office you remember is gone. Imagine in its place a workplace in harmony with the new ways in which you work. An agile space of rich colors and textures. An immersive landscape where artificial intelligence and virtual reality come together to help you solve complex problems. A place where you move to intuitive workspaces, connected conference rooms, comfortable lounges. Each day’s demands are different, and you wake up excited to meet them.

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