The  New Year is inevitably a time of reflection; both on lessons learned and jobs well done. It’s also a time to look to the future and determine where we want to go personally and collectively.

Throughout 2015 our teams at Red Thread have challenged themselves to set the bar high, lead by example and embrace change.  Our goal is to be leaders in all of our regional markets through insight-led selling and creating great work experiences for our customers.

Internally, one of the ways we remind ourselves of our commitments to customers, influencers and colleagues is to focus on 4 key words; curiouscollaborative, caring, and competitive. I share this with you because the ideas behind these words inspire me personally and professionally. And, I feel they need to be the cornerstone of our organization.

By being curious, we remember to ask questions and to take that extra step that just might uncover an issue that we can help solve. Curiosity is the source of innovation…those that seek are the ones who discover and we strive to take this initiative in little ways throughout our day.

For us, as a company, collaboration is essential. With diverse teams across New England we must know how to work together internally. We must be flexible, responsive and resourceful partners to our customers (and their teams). Collaboration is about listening and then offering value – being a partner that the team can count on.

In all honesty, sometimes in the hustle and bustle of a hectic workday, caring can seem impossible. But, I would contend that it is imperative. Without a caring culture we collectively become disengaged – which is not good for business nor for us personally. We are healthier, happier and more productive when we invest time and attention in the people that we interact with each and every day.

And lastly, we focus on being competitive. Nothing good happens for our company unless we win!  We want to win because we’ve worked harder, thought more deeply, provided better solutions and added more value. In that context, winning feels great. And as a place where nearly 480 people pursue a career and support their families, each of us no matter our role within the company, has an obligation to get up every morning with a goal of earning our customers’ trust and winning business.

As we step into 2016, I share this with you so you can get a glimpse into our goals for the new year as we interact with you – our customers, colleagues and friends!

From all of us at Red Thread, I wish you a successful, healthy and happy 2016!


2013-05-31 08:51

Jeff Keener | CEO