With Millennials making up more than 1 in 3 adult Americans by 2020 and 75% of the workforce by 2025, it is critical for today’s workspaces to attract and retain younger generations. Millennials are looking for more than a paycheck – they want to feel inspired and supported in doing their best work, and part of a unique brand and culture. As much of the linear and process-driven work has been outsourced, workers today are required to be increasingly creative – they need to generate new ideas, solve tough problems, and think outside the box.

As you explore furniture options for your workplace, don’t overlook what custom furniture solutions bring to the table. They are a great way to showcase your brand and inspire your employees and visitors. When you blend design and materiality without compromising on functionality and performance, you can inspire new ways of thinking and fueling creativity.

Here are some of our favorite custom solutions for inspiring and creative work environments:

Bassline | Turnstone

Bassline is a fully customizable occasional table

With Bassline, you can choose from a full line of standard tops and finishes or use your favorite custom top. The only limitations are your imagination! If you are looking to make a great first impression in your reception area, or add some liveliness to a lounge space, the Bassline table is a great choice.

Ping pong / conference table | Create by Red Thread

This custom ping pong table is beloved by our customer

This custom ping-pong table is a favorite of custom furniture designer Tad Elliott: “When I was asked to create this, a dream came true.” This piece serves as a very functional conference room table for collaboration, and with the net up, transforms into a fun social space for games of ping pong. This piece proves that if you can dream it, you can do it. Contact us to learn more.

Umami | Steelcase

Office environments using the Umami custom furniture system

Umami is a super customizable system of seating, tables and screens that are endlessly configurable. You can create open, partially enclosed, and fully enclosed lounge areas that tailor the amount of privacy precisely to your needs. They are fully powered for charging your devices as well! Pieces combine in a variety of configurations and with a plethora of material options, making it one of the most versatile lounge systems available.

Owl Table | Create by Red Thread

Renderings of the custom videoconferencing Owl Table

The Owl Table is a unique all-in-one videoconferencing table that integrates the Meeting Owl by Owl Labs. The Meeting Owl is a 360° intelligent video conferencing camera so your remote team members can see and hear meetings better. The Owl Table can be configured to suit your needs – seated or standing height, round or d-shaped, in a variety of sizes. With integrated power, it is a unique solution to help your distributed teams collaborate. Contact us to learn more.

Personal Table | Turnstone

Personal table can be customized to enliven your office

The Personal Table is a fun little side table, perfect for informal lounge areas to offer a little support. You can customize it with any open line laminate, enabling you to showcase your brand’s personality throughout your environment.

We hope you found these five examples inspiring! Contact us for more information on custom furniture solutions.