Today we understand that collaboration is central to innovation and is a key catalyst for business growth. Solving problems and implementing solutions require people and teams to build on each other’s ideas and iterate quickly whether in the same location or distributed nationally or globally. To top that, collaborative work is more dependent on technology than ever. As workspaces shrink and private offices are reduced or eliminated, a real need for smart, functional and flexible collaborative office furniture emerges, solutions that can mesh both analog and digital technology.

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We compiled 5 types of collaboration furniture and technology solutions that can quickly transform an open plan environment by providing easy access to agile and productive meeting spaces.

Mobile Kiosks & Displays
This category truly is the most versatile. You can turn any unused office area into an impromptu collaborative zone simply by moving these products into place. Great for agile teams and projects that require impromptu collaboration on the fly.

RT_Blog_Exponents Mobile Whiteboard RT_Blog_Mediascape Mobile RT_Blog_Mediascape Kiosk 2 verb whiteboard 2
Exponents Mobile Display media:scape Mobile media:scape Kiosk  Verb Whiteboard

Interactive Technology

To create dynamic collaboration spaces that combine both digital and analog capabilities, consider an interactive display. This is the solution for the 21st century, connecting people anywhere, anytime with seamless all-in-one componentry. Learn labs, meeting rooms, multi-purpose rooms, even a cafe area can all be enhanced by these technology focused solutions.

RT_Blog_Microsoft Surface Hub
Microsoft Surface Hub

Smart Ancillary Furniture

Smart furniture that can host an informal meeting, provide a place for lunch or welcome guests in an entry. Tight on space? This type of solution is multi-functional and cost-effective by optimizing real estate and working hard throughout the space.

RT_Blog_Regard RT_Blog_Campfire Paper
 Regard Modular Lounge Campfire Paper Table

Teaming Stations

Quickly pull up to one of these shared tables and begin collaborating. Stand alone solutions for meeting rooms that can be placed throughout a floor plan. Designed for collaborating with ease and efficiency.

RT_Blog_Mediascape team studio 2 RT_Blog_mediascape RT_Blog_Big Table
 media:scape Team Studio media:scape media:scape mini and Campfire Big Table

Collaborative Lounge Furniture

Increasingly, meetings are happening in lounge environments, casual, comfortable and prized by Millenials. How about making these spaces work smarter? With shields for privacy and built-in video conferencing, this type of solution adds efficiency and productivity to the collaborative lounge.

RT_Blog_Mediascape Lounge
 media:scape Lounge

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