Great workplace leaders are often born during times of change. And there is no doubt that the nature of work is undergoing serious change. Spawned from the technology advancements in the last decade and a market correction that forced almost everyone to reconsider real estate costs, today’s office is truly in flux. And we’re all working through it.

Open plan, remote work, mobility, video conferencing, global economy, distributed teams… whatever the catalyst  for change there is no doubt that today’s leaders are having to contend with issues that their predecessors never dreamed of. Today’s workplace leaders need to be innovative, agile, thoughtful and decisive as they help to create the workplaces of the future.

Kudos then to the crew at ELIV8 for their great infographic on the 6 qualities of great leadership. We couldn’t have said it (or designed it) better ourselves! The only thing we would add is… great leaders are also great listeners!


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