It’s been estimated that the BYOD “Bring Your Own Device” enterprise mobility market will be worth over $266 billion by 2019. There’s a reason for that…smart phones and tablets have saturated the market and increasingly we expect them to dovetail seamlessly with our workflow both inside and outside of the office setting.

Slowly fading is the outdated notion that mobile technology in the workplace is a distraction and inevitably organizations are understanding that mobile devices are tools for increasing productivity, communication, culture and in turn the bottom line. Thoughtfully deploying BYOD mobility in the workplace is a business advantage both when it comes to the IT infrastructure as well as the choice of software platforms.

Here are 10 reasons why supporting mobility is a business advantage.

  1. Empowers real-time decision making. Employees can engage with real-time information on the go, at any time. Speeding up the decision making process.
  2. Enhances training opportunities. Providing employees easy access to training and learning opportunities when it’s convenient for them increases usage and engagement.
  3. Attract & retains Millennials. Mobile devices provide greater flexibility and seamless integration between life and work – something Millennials demand.
  4. Increases access to talent. A robust mobility strategy allows for the organization to embrace and engage with the global talent pool – with ease.
  5. Amplifies internal communication. Pushing internal news and information to mobile devices allows people to connect, share and collaborate effortlessly using cloud based platforms.
  6. Supports recruitment. 43% Of people use mobile in their job search and companies are negatively impacted when their recruitment efforts are not mobile-optimized.
  7. Facilitates networking. Encourages sales to connect with customers and potential customers easily and efficiently wherever they are.
  8. Sharpens marketing capabilities. Whether using mobile technology for seamless presentations or to automate digital marketing, mobile technology is key to gathering, processing and sharing data and insights.
  9. Boosts productivity. With computer capabilities in the palm of our hands, no longer do employees need to wait to get in to the office to perform almost all business functions.
  10. Extends customer service capabilities. No longer just the realm of the 9-5 crew, customer service teams can be agile and responsive anywhere at anytime.

Tech Trends 2013 Elements of Postdigital report, Deloitte predicts a “mobile only” future for the global workforce. There is no question that this reality is increasingly right around the corner. Our offices and workstations are shrinking but our dependence upon our smart devices is growing exponentially. Embracing a BYOD mobility strategy can pose security issues and involve the upgrading of infrastructure, communication solutions, policies and procedures. But, the risk of not adapting is far greater and costly.