Function meets beauty: Steelcase Flex Mobile Power

Have you ever been in the middle of an important project and lost power on your device? Traditional work environments…

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360 Magazine

Images of the five workplace personas identified in Steelcase research

New Office Settings for 5 Workplace Personas

Are you supporting employee needs and different workplace personas? Steelcase’s global Work Better report proves people have had vastly different…

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flex mobile power

Function meets beauty: Steelcase Flex Mobile Power

Have you ever been in the middle of an important project and lost power on your device? Traditional work environments…

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implementing the right technology in the right spaces allows workplace creativity to flourish

How to foster workplace creativity by embracing technology

“Ideas are the currency of the new economy.” That quote came from Richard Florida, an economist and social scientist who…

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biophilic design in the workplace

4 Ways to incorporate biophilic design in the workplace

In August, we posted a blog about how biophilic design can help reduce stress and encourage renewal in the workplace.…

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using data to inform real estate space optimization

Using data to solve workplace real estate optimization challenges

The kind of work we do today is radically different than the work we did even 20 years ago, and…

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biophilic design helps reduce stress in the workplace

How biophilic design reduces stress and promotes renewal at work

As our work becomes more creative, biophilia, the principle that we have a innate desire to connect with nature, helps…

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inspiring and high-performing workspaces

8 Ways to create inspiring, informal and high-performing workspaces

Many people predicted the end of corporate offices after the introduction of smartphones, tablets and universally available WiFi, reasoning that…

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Creative and personalized spaces are the future of the corporate workplace

Why a personalized workplace improves employee wellbeing

In their most recent 360 Magazine, Steelcase focuses on the “office renaissance” – a movement seeking to redefine the corporate…

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Sensory design can improve workplace productivity

Can sensory design impact workplace productivity?

Designing for the senses might not be a new concept but in their latest 360 Magazine, Steelcase’s article on the…

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Global workplace report

Steelcase Engagement & the Global Workplace Report

Steelcase recently released a global report entitled, “Engagement & the Global Workplace“, the first study to explore the relationship between engagement…

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work cafe

Boost employee engagement by connecting people + purpose.

What does having “purpose” solve in the workplace? According to Nicolas de Benoist, “When people are engaged in something greater than…

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workplace collaboration spaces

Case study for an employee wellbeing strategy.

Humantech, an ergonomics consulting firm nurtures an employee wellbeing strategy by embracing a  “palette of place”. Steelcase 360 Magazine editors…

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12 Great reads on “thinking better”

“The cognitive neuroscience of memory and attention–our improved understanding of the brain, its evolution and limitations–can help us better cope…

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startup culture

How to re-ignite a startup culture.

In the new Steelcase 360 Magazine entitled “Think Better” there’s an article called, “Igniting a Sense of Start-up Culture”. We…

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Neuroscience: The new competitive advantage

In workplaces throughout the world, scenarios of near-constant distraction have become the norm. Thankfully, our ability to focus is still…

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Maker spaces

Makerspaces: a new education trend

Makerspaces are popping up all over the country, especially in high school and collegiate settings, and are geared towards an active…

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