Post-COVID technology solutions

Odds are you’ve heard the term “Internet of Things” or its acronym “IoT” thrown around a time or two. But…

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Workplace Insights & Trends

Internet of Things

What the heck is the Internet of Things and why should you care?

Odds are you’ve heard the term “Internet of Things” or its acronym “IoT” thrown around a time or two. But…

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woman breastfeeding in mamava mini

Is your workplace compliant with breastfeeding laws?

Did you know that a woman’s right to breastfeed is protected by both state and federal laws? The 2010 Fair…

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open office layout

My experience moving to an open office

Now more than ever, workers are experiencing the evolution of moving from a traditional office layout to an open floor…

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18-0107069 (1)

NeoCon 2018 Recap

NeoCon 2018 has come and gone and for Steelcase, It’s A New Day. From partnerships to innovative products, Steelcase had…

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demountable wall systems with terms overlaid

A glossary of terms for demountable wall systems

Demountable wall systems, also called movable walls, are incredible solutions for creating flexible enclosed environments that can adapt over time.…

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ancillary office space

Ergonomic solutions for ancillary spaces

Ancillary spaces are becoming more and more common within the modern work environment. With offices becoming more flexible, open, and mobile, ancillary spaces…

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What to look for at NeoCon 50

NeoCon is the MET Gala of the commercial design industry and this year, for its milestone 50th anniversary, we’re expecting…

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Tiled Microsoft Surface Hub 2

Introducing Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2S

Microsoft has revealed its first look at the new Surface Hub 2S and, let’s be frank, it looks awesome. Much…

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modern meeting room using demountable walls with integrated technology and lighting

What are demountable walls and why use them?

Demountable walls, also known as movable walls are architectural products used to construct enclosed environments. They can be detached from…

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A lively office lounge with custom furniture that evokes a vibrant personality

5 Custom furniture pieces that showcase your personality

With Millennials making up more than 1 in 3 adult Americans by 2020 and 75% of the workforce by 2025,…

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work cafe company culture

How workplace design reinforces company culture

“Culture” has been one of the biggest buzz words in the business world for quite a few years now. And…

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an innovative lounge piece within a modern office

5 Reasons to consider custom furniture

In an increasingly competitive landscape, every organization wants to differentiate itself from its competitors. At the same time, in order…

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