We’re looking forward to a great conversation!

Whether it be an office space, healthcare setting, classroom or anything in between, we understand that the world is undergoing dramatic changes. Communication is driving how, when, why, where we work regardless of what industry we are in. How our workplaces adapt and respond to these changes is becoming increasingly important, influencing wellbeing, engagement, culture, innovation and the bottom line of organization all over the world.

At Red Thread we are lucky on several accounts. Because of our affiliation with Steelcase, we have access to a treasure trove of research and development (over $100 million spent in the last 3 years alone). Not only that, because of our integrated portfolio of furniture, architectural products, audiovisual, technology, flooring, and lighting to name a few, we have experts. And lots of them! We intend to leverage their expertise for your benefit.

So, our mission for the Red Thread workplace blog is simple. To help you understand the issues, trends, research and solutions in a way that is engaging and informative. If just one little nugget of information helps you solve a problem that you’re facing within your organization then…mission accomplished!

But it would be even better if this were a two way street! We’d love to hear from you! Ask us questions, comment, give us tricky problems to solve and we’ll do our best to find the answers! We’re looking forward to starting this conversation, so…