A creative workplace culture is essential to being innovative in today’s global, 24/7 business climate. The work we perform today has become increasingly complex, making creative work more and more critical to long-term business success. We aren’t talking about artists, musicians and writers, although they are incredibly important!

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By creative work we mean problem solving, alone or in teams – finding unique solutions to complex problems. A workplace transformation should address how you are supporting creative work such as brainstorming, idea generation and collaboration.

5 ways to foster a creative workplace culture:

  1. Equip gathering spaces with collaborative technology for content sharing and HD videoconferencing. Consider an all-in-one device like Microsoft Surface Hub
  2. Ensure that employees have total freedom to choose where and how they work throughout the day, whether at a touchdown bench, a cafe table, or an enclosed quiet space
  3. Create a work café as your central ‘hub’, where employees can gather, socialize, dine and collaborate informally.
  4. Incorporate a BYOD strategy where employees bring their own devices and can seamlessly use them within the company infrastructure.
  5. Incorporate materials that offer inspiring colors, textures and patterns.

To see examples of forward-thinking workspaces that inspire creative work, download our Workplace Transformation guide.

Photo credit: Creative Spaces | © Steelcase Inc.

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