As a follow up to Gallup’s Worldwide Engagement Survey, the Steelcase research team conducted a small study with Ipsos to explore the correlation between highly engaged employees (11% according to their study) and workplace satisfaction, polling 10,500 workers in 14 countries throughout the world.

The results showed that creating the right work environment can make a difference and showed a correlation between how people feel about their workplace and their degree of engagement. In other words, the researchers learned that employees who feel good about their workplace also tend to be more engaged.

And we know that a high degree of engagement equates to:

•  higher productivity
•  higher profitability
•  lower turnover
•  less absenteeism
•  less safety issues


Of those surveyed, the highly satisfied employees noted that their environment allowed them to:

98%   concentrate easily
97%   freely express and share ideas
95%   work in teams without being interrupted
88%   choose where to work within the office, based on their task
95%   feel relaxed, calm
97%   feel a sense of belonging to their company and its culture

So, now that you know what highly engaged employees are saying about their workplace, how can you improve yours?