Adaptable architecture like Everwall is a game changer for creating quick, flexible workplaces.

Organizations need the flexibility to make changes quickly and easily to their space as hybrid work patterns evolve.

Everwall – a new architectural wall system designed to effortlessly transform interior spaces – is one of the fastest installations in the industry that also features high acoustic performance and aesthetic.

We spoke with Bill McCarthy, Director, Architectural Products Sales, for a deeper understanding of the role Everwall plays in creating a flexible work environment.

What’s the biggest challenge workplace leaders are facing right now?

Bill McCarthy: Workplace leaders are challenged with planning for right now and the future. The next couple of years will continue to be an ongoing workplace experiment to understand what types of spaces best support hybrid work, and to be able to respond quickly, the workplace will need to be incredibly fluid and agile. Adaptable architecture like Everwall can help maximize real estate and give organizations the flexibility they need to change.

How does Everwall compare to a traditional unitized wall system or stick-built solution?

Bill McCarthy: Everwall’s flexible architectural system retains the best features of unitized and stick-built systems, allowing for both ease of installation and design freedom. The hybrid blend allows for spaces to transform from small enclaves and huddle rooms to collaboration and meeting spaces.

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How can you personalize Everwall to create a unique experience?

Bill McCarthy: Everwall can easily adapt a space and create a unique experience for end users. It’s simple to add a markerboard, replace a solid frame with a glass frame or move a monitor from one wall to another. With traditional construction, these types of unforeseen changes often create a big mess and take a lot more time.

“Everwall’s flexible architectural system retains the best features of unitized and stick-built systems, allowing for both ease of installation and design freedom.”


In what ways does Everwall create more privacy?

Bill McCarthy: Employees value acoustics and privacy more than ever before. Everwall not only creates private spaces within an open floorplan, but it also provides a high level of acoustical privacy that parallels the top Steelcase demountable walls and other industry manufacturers.

What’s the average installation time for Everwall?

Bill McCarthy: The installation speed has surprised installers and they’re telling us it’s the fastest and easiest solution they’ve ever used. What traditional construction can do in a week and a half, Everwall can do in a day and a half. That’s especially important now with the shortage of skilled labor. It’s all about condensing project schedules, keeping projects on time and on budget.

To learn more about Everwall or other Steelcase architectural solutions, reach out to us here.

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