In light of the recent COVID-19 circumstances forcing remote work, social distancing and virtual collaboration, many of us around the world are quickly adjusting to makeshift home offices.

While curling up on the couch may work well for watching your favorite movie, there are other set ups to consider that support better posture and increase productivity.

Say goodbye to the neck, shoulder, and back pain you may be experiencing on the couch and hello to proper ergonomic design. The Steelcase Store has a number of great options that ship in 1-3 weeks! Right now, the Store is discounted at 15% off sitewide.

Below is a roundup of home office furniture, including chairs, desks, tables, and tools available on the Steelcase Store at the click of a button:

NOTE: The shipping times listed below are current at the time of publishing, and may extend out.

Task Chairs

steelcase series 1 chair steelcase leap chair

Steelcase Series™ 1 delivers on what’s important – ergonomics, quality, and choice. It retains everything that’s valued for a chair, while making it attainable for everyone.

Ships in 5-7 business days

Steelcase Leap provides a healthier way to sit, with exceptional comfort and support. Its back moves as your back moves, its arms move as your arms move. Experience an optimal sitting experience with Leap.

Ships in 8-10 business days

Desk Systems

steelcase active lift riser

Active Lift Riser enables you to make any desk a height-adjustable desk! With a compact two-tier design and a simple one-touch lock-and-lift mechanism, Steelcase® Active Lift Riser makes it easy to transition between sitting and standing throughout the day. (Shown with Currency Martin Desk)

Ships in 4-5 business days

Currency martin desk turnstone bivi table for one

Currency Martin Desk is a simple, elegant desk solution for any environment.

Ships in 15-20 business days

Bivi Desk for One‘s modular design offers effortless setup and quick reconfiguration, making it a no-brainer for flexibility and modern design.

Ships in 8-10 business days


Campfire personal table Campfire skate table

Campfire Personal Table is less than 14 lbs, and has modern design looks great in lounge settings. With room for a laptop and a cup of tea, you’ll love your new portable office.

Ships in 8-10 business days

Campfire Skate Table allows you to pull tasks and technology close while working in a lounge setting.

Ships in 8-10 business days

turnstone simple table verb rectangle table

Simple Tables reconfigure effortlessly, allowing you to rearrange your space for work or play. Gather round for meetings or small talk—either way, Simple Tables get two thumbs up.

Ships in 8-10 business days

Verb Rectangle Table is a flexible desk option, with locking casters for easy mobility.

Ships in 8-10 business days

Support Tools

Clamp on power unit steelcase fyi monitor arm

Clamp on Power (pack of 3) gives you a three duplex pack of power receptacles on a nine foot cord.

Ships in 8-10 business days

FYI Monitor Arms (Clamp On) adjust quickly for workers on the go, without using any tools. This puts screens in the right position for any user and any posture, reducing eye and muscle strain.

Ships in 8-10 business days

campfire footrest desk foot rest

Campfire Footrest was designed as a place to put your feet up, prop the backs of the legs or encourage a shift in weight while standing. It’s a small product with a big impact.

Ships in 15-20 business days

Desk Foot Rest features a curved surface to help you sit or stand more comfortably while working. When you change positions or wear shoes with different heel height, simply rotate the adjustment arms forward to raise or lower your Foot Rest to comfort.

Ships in 8-10 business days

During these trying times, we hope you find these solutions helpful as you navigate the world of home office furniture.

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