Our Boston WorkLife in Seaport underwent a recent Steelcase refresh to create a whole new look and feel with new furniture and technology applications based on findings from their 2021 Future of Work Global Report.

Being in the business, our space not only reflects our own need for a hybrid work framework, but it doubles as an in-person showroom where customers can experience unique applications first-hand and gain insider perspective for their own offices.

Through a variety of workstations, private offices, nooks, refreshed conference rooms, and technological advances, our space now bridges the gap between in-person and remote work.

What does this hybrid work framework and outcome look like? Learn more below about our reimagined Boston WorkLife.


Steelcase research

According to the Steelcase global survey, for people to feel comfortable returning to the office, they need to feel safe. Respondents of the survey rated their most important factors on their safe return.

Air Quality, adherence to safety protocols and facility cleanliness rank among the most important safety considerations in almost every country.

In our WorkLife, we implemented 3 important technology applications to promote employee safety:

1. PurifySpaces


PurifySpaces, featuring Bluezone® technology, kills airborne pathogens and returns pure air into the space. Bluezone achieves a 99.9995% kill rate against aerosolized MS2, a SARS-CoV-2 surrogate virus, within 1 hour. It is available as a ceiling mount or a custom cabinet that blends into the décor of your space.

2. RoomWizard

Steelcase RoomWizard

RoomWizard is a room reservation system that makes it easier to book rooms when you need them. You can schedule meeting spaces from your phone, laptop, or at the device. Each device displays important meeting information and is lit in red or green to show occupancy or availability at a distance.

3. Spaceti


Spaceti optimizes workplace occupancy and wellbeing by using your office map to provide end-users with real-time data on reserved and available workspaces. Additionally, it supports parking space reservation and air quality control metrics.


Steelcase research

People feeling part of a community is a top predictor of higher scores in productivity. Additionally, US workers rank collaboration, access to tools, and focus spaces as some of the key elements that support productivity in returning to the office.

Here are 4 alternative spaces in our WorkLife where Red Thread employees can focus and collaborate with one another through the latest technology:

1. Learning spaces

Learning spaces

This learning space features flexible, height-adjustable furniture to support reconfiguration for a variety of activities, like trainings. The asymmetrical table design creates a more playful and innovative environment designed to spire creativity and learning. The Microsoft Surface Hub 2S with integrated conferencing and whiteboard capabilities makes web conferencing and active learning a breeze.

2. Enclosed collaboration

Enclosed collab

This L shaped lounge seating entices employees to work together around the “kitchen table” with plenty of work surface. The one-touch web conferencing with dual display creates a great in-person and virtual experience.

3. Open collaboration

Open collab

Designed to feel more like home, this open collaboration area is perfect for employees looking for an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable spot to work or join a meeting. The laptop-height table also solves for the ability to be in a lounge height seating but still have an appropriate surface to work from.

4. Work Café

Work cafe

In the work café, employees can socialize, connect with coworkers, and have impromptu or casual conversations with expansive views in the background. This inviting space features unique applications that create a stunning environment that can also serve as a larger meeting or event space, as well.


Steelcase research

Nine out of 10 countries rank a “quiet, professional environment” in their top five reasons for wanting to return to the workplace. Noise, visual distractions or even the thought of household chores are consistent challenges when working from home.

Although employees are longing to see coworkers and connect socially, they also need private spaces to get work done or conduct a confidential call. Visual and auditory privacy is offered in a variety of different settings.

Our Boston WorkLife offers a range of applications for employees to be “alone together”:

1Work nooks

Work nooks

People that have been working from home may be starving for visibility and interaction, but still need heads down spaces. Included throughout the open plan, these work nooks provide a private haven with coworkers nearby.

2. Flex workstations

Flex workstations

Employees can head to flex workstations to work independently or reconfigure the furniture and privacy screens for team collaboration. The moveable fence offers space division and access to work tools.

3. Private offices

Private offices

This dual glass-sided personal oasis allows for natural light and visibility. The fabric interior panels and height-adjustable desk create a comfortable and acoustically balanced environment for hosting private web conferences.

4. Work tents

Work tents

Employees can camp out in these work tents that offer a fun escape in the open office. This is the ideal getaway that provides a fortlike, nostalgic environment for focus time or moments of solitude.

What’s Next?

If you’re interested in any of the applications above from our own hybrid work framework, we encourage you to visit our Boston WorkLife for a tour! Contact us today.

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