It’s 2019 and no one wants to sit in a sea of cubicles anymore. That’s where ancillary comes in.

Ancillary furniture plays a key role in today’s workplace design. As the way we work has changed, so have the spaces we want to work in. Employees want spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but comfortable and functional. Now that the workforce is more mobile than ever the possibilities have really increased for where and how we work. Offices are competing with spaces like coffee shops, home offices and other more relaxed environments. Ancillary has redefined the traditional concept of the “corporate workplace” and made people excited to work in the office again. Instead of focusing solely on efficiency, this new approach addresses people’s emotional, cognitive and physical wellbeing

Ancillary isn’t just for the work café either. From focus spaces to meeting rooms, ancillary can be utilized in every aspect of the workplace to create comfortable, beautiful and inspiring spaces. Inspiring office furniture and accessories await you in the Residential Workplace Lookbook!

Social Spaces:

focus SPACES:

collaborative SPACES:

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Residential Workplace Lookbook - inspiring furniture and accessories