Red Thread promotes John Dennehy to Senior VP of Sales & Market Development. Discover his vision for our corporate, lifestyle, and healthcare teams.

We’re thrilled to announce the promotion of John Dennehy to Senior Vice President of Sales & Market Development. John has been with Red Thread for over 10 years, and during his time he has continually accepted new challenges and responsibility, while keeping customer experience at the forefront.
As a proven leader, John will continue to oversee our new business with an expanded team in corporate and lifestyle, as well as healthcare. We had a chance to speak with him about what this new role entails and what it means for Red Thread.

What are your aspirations for your new role?

John Dennehy: I am proud to be a part of this great organization and look forward to playing a role in the evolution of our business and the industry that we serve. I’m committed to delivering a best in class experience to all of our customers and partners, rooted in trust and innovation.

Why does space matter today?

John Dennehy: Our business is dynamic and the problems we’re solving together with our clients and partners are complex. Our role in the bigger picture is to align with our clients’ real estate and space strategies and implement the vision. People want to feel heard, inspired, and included and businesses are considering this in their planning more than ever before. The way a space is designed directly affects how people feel and influences company culture.

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That’s what makes what we do so special. We aren’t simply procuring and integrating products, although that is a large part of what we do. Our job is to help ensure that physical spaces amplify larger strategies. Our clients will have a wide range of goals, but at the end of the day we all need to execute seamlessly for the benefit of those that will utilize the space.

With markets and companies changing rapidly, how do you advise clients on creating a space that’s right for them?

John Dennehy: What you need today is not what you’ll need tomorrow, that’s why flexibility is key. While this is not a new concept, I do think that flexibility will continue to drive many areas of our business. Adaptable designs ensure that spaces can easily evolve to meet changing needs. Whether it’s a shift in the number of employees or a change in how we work, flexible infrastructure provides the agility required to accommodate these variations seamlessly. This not only optimizes space utilization but it’s sustainable, cost-effective, and helps to avoid reconstruction.

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For example, as work styles evolve, the ability to transform a meeting room into a collaborative workspace or create private nooks within an open office becomes crucial. This adaptability enhances functionality and also caters to the diverse preferences and working styles of individuals. As real estate footprints become more efficient, the space types need to be able to flex, providing more choice for users and owners.

Red Thread has been in the AV industry for 20 years, but what’s different today?

John Dennehy: We’re really fortunate that we had great technology in place – and had worked with many of our clients to enable and integrate workplace technologies – even before the transition to remote work started occurring out of necessity. When businesses switched to fully remote, this allowed for a relatively smooth change with no work interruptions. As we have all seen, the past three years has shaken things up so much that now hybrid work has a new rulebook with greater expectations. People want the option to work remotely and expect a collaborative, meaningful experience both in and out of the office.

Red Thread Steelcase Boston WorkLife

Today, that’s all possible with various technology tools that create a level playing field of equity no matter where you work. Our team is constantly curious about exploring and implementing new solutions that provide connection to one another and we anticipate this being an on-going need.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the changing style of workspaces – and the term “resimericial” is being used more often. What does resimercial design mean to you?

John Dennehy: Resimercial, by definition, blends residential and commercial design, acknowledging the desire for comfort and inspiration in both home and office settings. The shift from uniform and rigid spaces to dynamic, curated environments has been underway for quite some time. The events of the last several years intensified and accelerated the trend (though perhaps not in the way we would have predicted in 2019) as people adapted home spaces for work, seeking comfort and eclectic surroundings. But the fact is, the change in preference is here to stay. The resistance to returning to traditional office setups has driven developers, landlords, and business owners to be more intentional in designing spaces that offer a better, more appealing work environment.

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People, including myself, want to feel drawn to space and be comfortable when we get there. Our designated Red Thread Lifestyle group specializes in creating a vibrant design aesthetic for amenity spaces and brings simplicity and expertise to every step of a project. Understanding how to navigate a world of options can be overwhelming, but our team is committed to helping our clients achieve the right aesthetic while installing product that will meet code and functional requirements, and also simply stand the test of time. I believe a successful space does both.

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What do you see as the future of our industry?

John Dennehy: Our industry, like many others, has experienced rapid change. At times, it can feel hard to predict what’s next. While there’s no crystal ball, there is one thing that will always be constant: human nature. Humans are inherently social, and we desire relationships. Whether we’re working in a space designed for healing, learning, serving, innovating, or facilitating casual social interactions, all of these human interactions require a venue.

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These venues are what our teams are passionate about. So, while the landscape of commercial real estate is ever evolving, and the interior trends follow suit, there is a real ongoing need for space to support people and that’s our focus.

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