As the digital marketing analyst for Red Thread, one of my roles is to make sure our team is always up to speed on the current changes and trends in digital marketing. In recent years, there has been a strong shift from “outbound” marketing to “inbound” marketing. Outbound marketing is when a company directly reaches out to the customer, while inbound marketing is when a company creates engaging content that draws the customer to seek out the company on their own. Inbound marketing is all about creating content to help the consumer make informed decisions. 

graphic definition of outbound and inbound marketingIn the past, with outbound marketing, potential customers really had no choice but to interact with salespeople, but now things have changed. Consumers are more informed and empowered than ever before, and companies must step up to the plate and create content that is informative, relevant, and that positions themselves as a thought leader in the hopes that a customer chooses them. It’s all about giving the customer what they want. That is why at Red Thread we have made a huge effort in recent years to create thoughtful content that we think will be meaningful to potential clients.  

At Red Thread, our clients are not “one-size-fits-all”. Some companies come to us for office furniture, others for audiovisual services, some for architectural products, and others for a complete workplace transformation. Therefore, we set out to create content for some of our core business segments so that no matter what a potential client is searching for, we can hopefully provide some answers. It all started with our first campaign for Workplace Transformation, and over the last couple of years we are proud that we were able to create several more campaigns around a variety of other subjects so that our customers have everything they need at their fingertips. It’s my job to track how engaged our users are with our content, what is resonating and what is not, so that we can continually improve in order to make our customers happy and give them what they want. We are pretty proud of how far we have come in the last couple years, and I’m happy to share a glimpse into some of our favorite campaigns below. Take a look! 

Workplace Transformation Guide

We created our Workplace Transformation Guide to help businesses identify their goals and explore workplace transformation strategies that align with those goals. We lay out sample floor plans, describe workplace trends, and help businesses identify their workplace culture. Whether a company is looking for minor changes or a complete office transformation, this guide has something for everyone. workplace transformation guide

Demountable Walls Guide

The workplace is changing, and businesses need flexible work environments that enable them to adapt as business needs evolve. That’s where our Demountable Walls Guide comes in. Demountable (or movable) walls, allow businesses to incorporate privacy into open plans, take less time to configure than traditional construction, and are sustainable. Our guide explores the many benefits of demountable walls versus drywall and how movable walls create dynamic and adaptable workplace environments. Reintroduce privacy with Demountable Walls - Download the Free Guide

Residential Workplace Lookbook

Our Residential Workplace Lookbook is one of our newer creations, and it is one we are very proud of. It showcases inspiring and contemporary ancillary furniture from 115+ furniture manufacturers, of which you can sort by product category and review vendor information. Ancillary furniture, furniture for shared spaces that reflects a more residential feel, is becoming more and more prevalent throughout modern work environments. Employees want the comforts of home while in the office, and they want a variety of postures and spaces available to them. Our Lookbook makes it easy to explore residential office furniture for your ancillary spaces. Residential Workplace Lookbook - inspiring furniture and accessories

Conferencing Design and Budget Guide

As open offices and remote workers have become more common, the need for seamless and easytouse technology has become critical, and the user experience must be the same whether someone is joining virtually or from the office. Designing technology-enabled spaces can be overwhelming, which is why we created the Conferencing Design and Budget Guide. Inside this guide, you’ll find technology solutions for 5 of the most common room types. Simply choose your technology platform, room type, and system type to explore solutions! conference room design and budget guide

Office Move Project Plan

Undergoing an office move is complex and time-consuming, so we created the Office Move Project Plan to help make these transitionas smooth as possible. Our guide walks companies through each step, including best practices, sample tools and protocols, and even includes a downloadable planning checklist. If you are about to undergo a move, or are thinking of going through an office move one day in the future, we definitely hope you check out our project plan!  Download the Office Move Project PlanWe hope you enjoyed exploring some of our contentIs there a topic you think we are missing or something that would help your corporation? Let us know by commenting below!