Did you know you can quickly outfit a modern workplace with quality products and prices that fit any budget?

AMQ is the leader in modular office furniture designed for dynamic, flexible systems with height adjustable bases, benching, and seating. Now more than ever, its quick, agile, and modern furniture solutions that are made to work for you!

Here’s three ways AMQ furniture can help quickly furnish your modern workplace:

1. Make your wish list

Put your employees first: consider the number of people, their storage and power/connectivity requirements, and how they work individually and collaborate as teams. Are they hot-desking and need fewer permanent storage options, or does everyone need a dedicated workstation? How many spaces/applications need new furniture? And if you aren’t upgrading all spaces, how well will the new furniture fit in with the current?

Next, consider aesthetics – the look, feel and representation of solutions that align with your brand –including environmental factors like recycled content, indoor air quality and recyclability. From there you can start to make your wish list of products, including your design and color preferences and any other considerations.

AMQ conference room

Not sure where to start with your modern workplace? Check out AMQ’s planning quiz for customized product recommendations!

2. Think about future proofing

Modern commercial office furniture should be versatile, mobile, and adapt as your business changes over time. Since this is an important investment, be sure to consider your needs both of today as well as potentials changes in the future.

Another factor to consider is what resources you will have when change is required.  Whether it is a reconfiguration, repair or upgrade, do you have a strong manufacturer warranty? Are you purchasing furniture from a reputable commercial furniture dealer that will be in business to service your needs for years to come?

AMQ flexible workstations

Use AMQ’s 3D Configuration Tool to create custom spec sheets for your modern workplace!

3. Explore a variety of applications

People want a compelling modern workplace that’s inspiring, flexible, and helps them get work done. They also want more choices of where and how they work, which means offering a variety of private, open, lounge, or high-top spaces to support focused work, socialization, learning, and collaboration. People expect the same type of comfort they experienced working from their own homes, so creating a unique vibe with lighting, space division, and décor is important.

Quality office furniture and aesthetic impacts your employees’ job satisfaction. However, you don’t have to break the bank when outfitting a modern workplace. As a Steelcase owned company, AMQ offers quick ship office furniture from West Elm Work, a collection inspired by residential design and manufactured with high-performance durability.

AMQ west elm collection

Get inspired with AMQ’s 3D “fly through” showroom, where you can take a self-guided tour of its entire portfolio. Connect with us today for a guided virtual tour!

What’s Next?

As a commercial furniture dealer, we’re here to help! Reach out to us today or download our Fast Modern Office Guide for more details!

Fast Modern Office by Red Thread, AMQ and West Elm Work