How sad is your lunch?

Well believe it or not, the sad desk lunch goes beyond the food itself. Where you take your lunch break has an impact on your emotional and physical well-being.

According to Right Management, only about 1 in 5 office workers take an actual lunch break away from their desk. This is a sad fact because breaks allow our minds to recharge. Without a recharge, we are running on empty. Employees are more productive and efficient when they are in a better state of mind. A change in scenery can reboot your brain. Having a lunch break in the bike room, as James Hamblin suggests, is one way to tackle the sad desk lunch epidemic – but a better solution is the Work Café.

The Work Café not only creates a happier lunch, it creates a happier company. Employees need to be in a relaxed and comfortable space in order to refresh their minds. Some employees flock to the nearest Starbucks to find that ambiance. Innovative companies know that because of increased flexibility they need to find ways to create spaces that their employees want to come to AND stay in! The Work Café is a key space that can incorporate all the elements of a local café and more! Studies show that generation X, Y and even the Millennials are demanding these types of spaces, they will become crucial in the effort to attract, retain and engage top talent. So why not give them that space? Let your employees sit back, relax, and be happy at the Work Café.

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Space Variety
You can maximize your real estate by including a variety of spaces within the Work Café. The Work Café can support a wide range of activities – whether it is a place for working, holding company meetings, socializing, or eating. Some of the world’s leading companies use work cafes as a place for meetings with teleconferencing capabilities and small business centers. Also, the Work Café gives people the opportunity to choose alternative postures (sit, stand, or perch). Want to literally think outside the box? How about a work café with an outdoor patio!

We know colors can have an impact on our mood. Vibrant warm colors can promote a high energy environment (an ideal for socializing) while cool colors are calming and best for quiet spaces. The Work Café should use a color palette that promotes the right environment for your employees. (For more on color, refer to the color psychology blog post)

Brand Presence
The Work Café can be utilized as an extension of your company’s image. Through the use of digital display monitors, color, photography, and graphics, you can communicate your brand image in both an informative and inspiring way. (Check out the Pepperidge Farm Project Profile)

The Kitchen
The company kitchen is a communal space that should welcome employees. Offer a full kitchen set -up (refrigerator, toaster, microwave, sink, etc.) to fulfill your employees’ needs. You should also consider promoting a healthy lifestyle. Some ways you can encourage healthy living is by having vending machines with healthy food/drink options, health tips posters, and competition-based nutritional tracking…healthy body = healthy mind!

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Communispace uses a variety of spaces and posture settings in their Work Café to support company success.
The Work Cafe at Pepperidge Farm communicates their brand by using food product photography, orange colors, and display monitors.

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