If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space within your workplace, you need ancillary furniture that can withstand the elements. Outdoor office furniture needs to adapt to a wide range of temperatures and be resistant to UV rays, water, and salt. As you search for sofas, armchairs and tables, you may be overwhelmed with the number of manufacturers and have difficulty finding the ones who specialize in the outdoors. Look no further! Here are our five favorite outdoor furniture brands that offer inspiring pieces to enhance any patio or deck. We hope you find their portfolios inspiring!

Outdoor office furniture by Atmosphera

1. Atmosphera

Atmosphera’s tagline is “Soul of the Outdoor”, and they believe we have 365 days a year to live outside. They are dedicated to sourcing quality materials and incorporating unique details in their pieces. They are also dedicated to sustainability and environmental protection. Their style comes from Italian creativity and culture, marked by eclecticism but at the same time close to comfort and customer demands.

This sophisticated Italian company offers a broad range of options, from sofas and armchairs to chaise lounges, tables and umbrellas. We love the Embrace armchair with its clean lines in steel and Asian teak.

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Outdoor office furniture by Extremis2. Extremis

Extremis is a renowned Belgian furniture design group with a collection of products that focus on togetherness and celebrating life outdoors. They believe that design is human – “Design should serve people, solve their problems, and increase their quality of life: tools for togetherness simply stimulate communication”. All of their furniture is made in Belgium with respect to eco-efficient use of materials.  Their collection ranges from outdoor sunbeds to break-out furniture and everything in between. Extremis is also a Steelcase partner.

We love the Hopper picnic table, with its four pass-through zones that make it easy to get in and out from your seat.

Picnic Tables
Chairs and Benches

Outdoor office furniture by Gloster3. Gloster

Gloster was founded in 1960 and specializes in teak, crafts and innovation. With a series of uniquely styled products Gloster offers the opportunity to mix and match with an extensive range of diverse product collections. From modular seating through dining tables & chairs, lounge and deco items, their collections combine sophisticated fabrics, textured powder coat finishes and of course our signature finish, plantation teak. Their collection includes seating, tables, and storage.

We love the Cradle, an elegant daybed encircled by an aluminium and teak frame.

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Outdoor office furniture by Kettal4. Kettal

Since its beginnings in 1964, Kettal has had an international calling to design and innovation. Kettal’s raison d’être is the creation of timeless furniture, functional and expressive, which represents a contemporary culture and provides solutions. Kettal works with the most important names in the international design scene to develop what is a well rounded, innovative and unique collection.

We love their innovative Pavilions that create intimate shielded environments for outdoor lounging.

Sun loungers
Club Chairs

Outdoor office furniture by Moroso5. Moroso

Moroso has been working in close collaboration with some of the world’s most talented designers to produce luxury sofas and seating since 1952. Today the company is headed by the second generation of the Moroso family- Roberto, the CEO, and Patrizia, the Art Director,- and is an example of how a small Italian artisan-owner company has evolved since it was run until the nineties by Agostino Moroso. The company has always been open to new ideas, from its origins in post-war Italy where there was a culture of ‘doing things and doing them well’.

We love their Banjooli and Tropicalia collections. Banjooli is part of M’Afrique, a range of chairs conceived by the designer and produced by African craft weavers using the yarn of fishing nets. The designs are all different and original, like their names. Hand-woven, they are human in their perfections and flaw. The Tropicalia collection is crafted of multicolored polymer cord woven on steel frames.

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We hope this collection of vendors is helpful as you explore outdoor office furniture for your space. As always, reach out to us if you need help selecting the right pieces for you.