Workplace well-being in the office and at home

As simpler tasks have become automated, the work left for humans has become more creative and complex. We are required…

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Employees gather and socialize to beat workplace stress

Beating workplace stress in 2019

As simpler tasks have become automated, the work left for humans has become more creative and complex. We are required…

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Employees in a video conference

How to maintain a common user experience without a standard technology platform

In a perfect world, all companies would be able to collaborate using a single standard technology platform, easily and effortlessly.…

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People collaborating with mobile devices at a conference table

Considerations for designing a common user experience

Collaborative technologies are a critical driver in today’s work landscape. Because employees today are more mobile, flexible and distributed, IT…

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Blog Featured Image

How hospitality trends are shaping the workplace

Recently on a trip to Texas, I was stunned by the sight that greeted me as I entered my hotel…

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red thread boston worklife

What we are thankful for at Red Thread

As Thanksgiving gets closer, we all tend to find ourselves taking a step back to think about what we are…

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People collaborating with technology in a conference room

Choosing between bundled & integrated conferencing systems

With the pressing need to drive innovation and creativity, tools to support collaboration are more important now than ever. Organizations…

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people collaborating using video conferencing

How to support three collaboration styles with technology + furniture

As machines have replaced much of the repetitive work we used to do, today’s work is increasingly creative and collaborative.…

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Internet of Things

What the heck is the Internet of Things and why should you care?

Odds are you’ve heard the term “Internet of Things” or its acronym “IoT” thrown around a time or two. But…

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woman breastfeeding in mamava mini

Is your workplace compliant with breastfeeding laws?

Did you know that a woman’s right to breastfeed is protected by both state and federal laws? The 2010 Fair…

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open office layout

My experience moving to an open office

Now more than ever, workers are experiencing the evolution of moving from a traditional office layout to an open floor…

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18-0107069 (1)

NeoCon 2018 Recap

NeoCon 2018 has come and gone and for Steelcase, It’s A New Day. From partnerships to innovative products, Steelcase had…

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demountable wall systems with terms overlaid

A glossary of terms for demountable wall systems

Demountable wall systems, also called movable walls, are incredible solutions for creating flexible enclosed environments that can adapt over time.…

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