Technology in the workplace is at the forefront of workplace re-entry plans. Organizations that have invested in cloud-based collaboration platforms have fared far better than those that have not. As more states start to reopen and employees return to the office in waves, technology continues to be one of the most critical decisions companies make in providing a way for us to connect, collaborate and make decisions—regardless of whether you are at the office or working from home.

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Organizations are working diligently to develop their own protocols and best practices because of COVID-19. One of the fastest emerging technologies today provides monitoring to ensure a safe workplace.  Compliance of employee self-health checks and social distancing by adherence to occupancy limits within spaces is concerning to many company leaders. These technologies provide visibility and notifications at the management and employee level, building a company culture of wellbeing, transparency, and trust.

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This infographic shows technology in the workplace that provide collaboration anywhere and technology considerations that promote safety at work:

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